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Thread: No period and 18 months postpartum

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    Default No period and 18 months postpartum

    I know this is perfectly normal, but I'm getting incredibly frustrated. I nurse my son at least 4x/day and all through the night, however, I want it back to feel like a normal woman again! I guess I'm just venting, but need some advice or insight from someone in the same boat. Does it ever not come back?!(LOL) Do I need to get on my OB to run some tests? Ugh!

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    Default Re: No period and 18 months postpartum

    There will come a time when it doesn't come back. Probably when we're in our fifties or sixties.

    After my first baby, I also started to feel that "I just want to be normal" thing when we passed a year and I still wasn't cycling. It sort of helped to remind myself that not having your period is a lot more "normal", biologically speaking, than having it every month. Until the invention of reliable contraception, most women spent their entire reproductive lives either nursing or pregnant, and therefore experienced very few periods. A few when they began menstruating, and a few around menopause, if they were lucky enough to live that long!

    Based on the amount your baby is nursing, I am not surprised that your cycle is still MIA. Most women need to have their prolactin levels drop for at least 6 hours every day before they start cycling again, and when a baby is still nursing all night long there's no way for that to happen.

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    Default Re: No period and 18 months postpartum

    i was one of those mammas who did not get my period back until my babies weaned. So yes, that meant not having a period for nearly two years at a time for some cycles.
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    Default Re: No period and 18 months postpartum

    I went 1.5 years without one, then got pg with LO #4 and went 2 more years without one. But both LOs BF till almost 4 (2yrs tandem) LO #5 is almost 12mo and I still haven't had one.
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    Default Re: No period and 18 months postpartum

    DS will be 3 next month and I just got my period back in November. Believe me, I thought something was wrong with me.
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    Default Re: No period and 18 months postpartum

    My son is 16.5 months old. I pump 2x at work and nurse him when I come home, before sleep and then 2-3 times at night when he comes into bed with us. I did menstruate back in November for a week but I think it was because he was sleeping from 8:30pm - 3:30am uninterrupted. (Those days are over now! )

    Lately, I have been feeling like I am having a period (pain around ovaries, egg-white mucus, acne, bloating, irritable) but I just never bleed or even spot! I've been worried that something was wrong, I was pregnant, etc. but it isn't and I am not. I've read that prolactin levels are highest between 1:00am - 6:00am so most likely it is the night-nursing/sucking that is keeping the period away.

    I had very painful and heavy periods (my husband and I called it "The Captain" because it just took over everything! ). So, this hiatus is kind of a treat for me even though yes, it does seem somewhat "abnormal."

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    Default Re: No period and 18 months postpartum

    Thanks, ladies! I think I need to be more vigilant (as in, try at least) about night weaning. I let it go on for so long and then it just hit me around 14 months postpartum, I want my period back, damnit! I've also read that 1-6 a.m. is the most critical time for prolactin levels, unfortunately, my son nurses on and off between 1-9 a.m.!!!! I can easily redirect him during the day, but at night, we're just sooo tired, I pop him on the boob. I'm curious about cosleeping and amanorrhea, as well. My OB told me that not just nursing but having baby so close to you during the night can also keep prolactin levels high enough to prohibit menstruation.

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    Default Re: No period and 18 months postpartum

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*ehoneybee View Post
    My OB told me that not just nursing but having baby so close to you during the night can also keep prolactin levels high enough to prohibit menstruation.
    That's interesting to me because despite not being night weaned at the time, AF came back pretty early with all three of mine (4 months, 3 months, and 9 months). I was pumping at work with all three, which may have lead to early return of AF. Now the last one coslept a lot longer and I wonder if that had something to do with the fact that it was much longer to return.

    Of course when my cycle returns it returns 28 days like clockwork. I do notice that my periods are heavier but shorter and less painful than before I had kids.
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    Default Re: No period and 18 months postpartum

    I can't vote. With my daughter I got it back at 6 months and my son 7 months. My son hasn't ever slept through the night and spends most of the night in my bed. Even now, at 17 months old, he still won't go longer than 4 hours without nursing. Both of mine were c-sections and had bottles as their first meals because of issues. So that may be why I got it back so early.
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    Default Re: No period and 18 months postpartum

    Oh, ha ha! I'm so past the 1 year mark, I didn't even want to know who got theirs before 12 months! It's comforting/frustrating that this period thing is so individual!

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