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Thread: Blister Next to Nipple?

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    Default Blister Next to Nipple?

    Hi all My son is 12 mos (almost 13) & still nursing about 5x per day. He is cutting teeth & his latch has been painful on the left side for the last week or two. No pain, or very minimal, on the right. Over the last few days I've noticed a raised spot developing next to my nipple on the outside, where I think his top teeth are rubbing. This is on the areola, not the tip of the nipple, so it is not a milk blister. It is painful off and on while nursing. On that side, for whatever reason, he kind of pushes against me while he nurses, which makes his latch more shallow & painful. I try to pull him close to me & give him his lovey to hold so he won't push away but that doesn't always work. The spot feels like a blister, burns a little when I push on it, etc. It's the same color as the skin around it, but gets whitish on top in the shower (warm water).

    Anyone else ever dealt with this? What can I do? I've been putting Mother Love cream on it & trying to get him to open his mouth a little more when he latches. But at this stage he's pretty set in his ways. At home we always nurse in his room, same chair, same position. I could try different positions but not sure he would cooperate. He always takes both sides when he nurses, but should I try starting him on the right side every time? Would that mess up my supply? Pumping makes me pretty sore & he doesn't really take expressed milk so I'm not sure that would help either.

    Any suggestions? I definitely don't want it to get infected or anything. Thanks ladies!
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    Maybe try nursing from a different position? I sometimes switch between cross cradle and football hold when he's teething and his new teeth are chafing me.
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    Definitely experiment with some new positions, even if that means trying to nurse in a new location maybe. Like in bed so you can get a completely different angle so maybe the teeth won't be in the same spot all the time for a while so it will heal?

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