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Thread: VERY newborn sleeping at breast

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    Default VERY newborn sleeping at breast

    I'm questioning in regards to my future son (not due until June), just doing a lot of pro-active learning and planning right now. (this could be a LONG nesting period!)

    I've discovered since my last son I've become a bit of a crunchy granola type person. I'm planning on going the whole attachment parenting route, (as well as midwife homebirth, cloth diapers, babywearing, co-sleeping etc etc). And my basic attitude will be give the baby what he wants (which I eventually did with my first, rather than count the hours between feeding and I became so much happier!)

    Anyway, I *think* I will have no probably nursing on demand, as often as he wants, for as long as wants. If I'm a pacifier, so be it! However, I remember the very early days when baby would fall asleep fairly quickly at the breast and based on hospital advice, we'd tickle his feet, get him naked, freeze him with cold wash cloths etc to keep him awake and nursing. Then we really only said it was ok for him to be asleep after a certain time (30 minutes I think). Is this totally necessary? Can't I just let him sleep if he wants? Yes he might wake up again in half an hour, but I plan on co-sleeping so I promise not to be pissed off about it! (I've never had a supply issue and my first regained his birth weight in 48 hours).

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    Unless your baby is jaundiced or is otherwise unusually drowsy, you should be able to just feed on demand and not wake to feed. Some babies really don't "demand" as much as they should (often bc of jaundice, or for c-section moms, the drugs that mom is on can make baby sleepy, etc.), and they do need to be woken up to feed. But I think you can play this by ear. If you're getting good diaper output and nursing 12 times a day or whatever, you're fine. This was certainly a non-issue for Joe as a newborn - his issue was that he didn't sleep that much at all and wanted to nurse all the time!

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    during the first few days of life I was extremely vigilant about getting my infant up and nursing. after two weeks passed I relaxed a little and trusted my baby to wake when hungry. so that meant every two-hours .
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    I think with a brand new newborn, you err on the side of caution and try to wake the baby every 2-3 hours if the baby doesn't wake spontaneously before that time. The odd 4 hour nap is okay, but it never hurts to wake baby a little early. Even super-healthy newborns can be a tad sleepy, and it can be hard to differentiate between a baby who is normally sleepy and a baby who is abnormally sleepy, maybe because he's jaundiced. After a few weeks, you can relax your vigilance, particularly at night.

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    Default Re: VERY newborn sleeping at breast

    For a sleepy babe , during the first weeks, waking every 2 hours is generally the best course of action. With a 4 hour stretch at night. Luckily with a homebirth, no induction, no IV fluids you are much less likely to have this issuel
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