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Thread: follow up: Oversupply/Fussy Issues

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    Default follow up: Oversupply/Fussy Issues

    I posted a couple of weeks ago about some issues with my son being fussy while breastfeeding.


    So not too long after I posted this, I happened to start using a nipple shield on my left side due to some bad pain I was having. It turns out the baby nursed great with the nipple shield! So I used it on both sides all last week and we didn't have any fussing at the breast at all while I used the shield! It was great! I thought all our problems were solved. If I put him on my breast and he fussed I put the shield on and he calmed down and nursed great. He was NEVER fussy with the shield. In addition I had stopped eating dairy and he also started Zantac last week because the DR wanted to rule that out and I really thought maybe he had that in addition to my Overactive let down. However we started the nipple shield first so I really thought that was the solution to our problem. I was thinking it was helping to slow my flow down for him.

    Well all was well and good until 2 days ago and he started back up again with being fussy both with the shield and without. I'm not sure what has changed. I've been doing the block feeding all along, so if anything my supply should have been slower by now...so that shouldn't have made him worse this week, right??. I had dairy a couple of days ago and the next day is when he started fussing. I can't imagine that the small amount I had (some chicken Alfredo) would have such an effect on him..especially for a few days after. I'm not sure what else it could be. Why would he be OK last week and not this week? Any ideas?

    Sometimes he will pull off and not re-latch and will take the paci and fall right asleep. Sometimes he won't even want to re-latch at all and won't take the paci either but then will make hunger cues again a few minutes later. Sometimes when I try to burp him he will arch his back and pound his fists and kick his legs and then calm down when I lay him back down. Sometimes he will eat for like 20 minutes and then fuss. Sometimes he nurses great with no problem. I'm having a really hard time finding a pattern I guess is my point. LOL

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    Default Re: follow up: Oversupply/Fussy Issues

    They can outgrow Zantac dosage very quickly.

    And dairy can last for weeks.

    And there might not be a pattern
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