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Thread: Help! Pain in breasts...

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    Default Help! Pain in breasts...

    I have been exclusively breastfeeding for the last seven months with minimal problems. I've had a number of plugged ducts which my baby was able to nurse away succesfully each time so I know what plugged duct feels like. Since Saturday (3 days ago) I could feel that my breasts were a bit sore (which is unusual). No shooting pain or anything but just dull pain that isn't very noticeable.
    It kind of feel like that sensation when after the plugged duct goes away the feeling of relief after having pressure for so long (does this even make sense?!?!). If anything it feels a little warm but nothing too terrible. I've read up on symptoms of mastitis and thrush and neither fits the bill.

    No fever
    No pus
    No lumps
    No engorgement
    No redness on the breasts
    No noticeable tear or abnormal signs on the nipples

    Nipples feel sensitive and hurts to the touch
    Surrounding areola feels a bit swollen but nothing too obvious (could be my imagination)
    it just kind of hurts...not a shooting pain
    More like a pulsating pain but dull

    What could this be!?! I called my obgyn and instead of giving me an emergency appt, she prescribed antibiotics without even having seen me or speaking to me directly.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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    Default Re: Help! Pain in breasts...

    Could your period be on its way?
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    Default Re: Help! Pain in breasts...

    I was going to ask about the return of your menses as well. If not that then you could be ovulating.
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    Default Re: Help! Pain in breasts...

    Or pregnant?

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    I'm not pregnant and I'm not sure if my periods is on the way. I've never had breast pain when I get my period prior to pregnancy so I can't tell.

    On the other hand, I took the antibiotics the doctor prescribed me anyway and all it did was give me rashes/hives. The good news is now I get to go in tomorrow, Thursday (I called on Monday) to finally see the doctor.

    Now the pain is not dull...my nipples hurt and I have shooting/tingling pain in and around the nipple area. I wonder if it's "thrush" but there is no obvious signs of this, either. Just hurts like hell when she first latches on (and it's not from a bad latch, it's the nipples themselves) I hope my doctor can tell what it is.

    Thanks for your input, ladies!

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    Default Re: Help! Pain in breasts...

    What did the doc think? I wondered about thrush at your first post. It unfortunatly doesnt always have the classic signs, and antibiotics might have made it worse.
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    That's how thrush feels for me. Almost exactly. Ask for diflucan. It works so much better than nystatin IME

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