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Thread: baby taking hour+ to eat, still hungry

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    Default baby taking hour+ to eat, still hungry

    My exclusively BF baby will be 5 months old next week. From about 4 weeks till 15 weeks she was very consistent in how log it took her to nurse - usually 20 mins, sometimes 15. For the past month and a half she has taken 60 mins (sometimes 90!) to eat at each feeding. She has started to reject my left breast (I'm right handed). I've tried nursing in all kind of positions, with/with out cover, at different times, etc. Yesterday she wouldn't even stay on my breast for more than a couple sucks and was so hungry. I had to use my hand pump and feed her a half oz at a time in a bottle. Is this normal? Shouldn't my milk supply have increased by now if that was the problem? On the rare occasion that I use a bottle (every 2 weeks as the most) she drink really fast. I'm worried that I'm not producing enough milk. She is literally off the charts for her height (26.5inches), and is good in her weight (13 lbs) according to the pediatrician. So she's long and skinny - couldn't she still be hungry even if shes okay weight wise?

    Other factor that may or may not be contributing: I have always used a breast sheild b/c of her initial latch issues; I'm going through a lot of emotional stress right now; she naps for 20 min - 30 min 3-4 times a day; she sleeps from 7pm-6pm (we did CIO in the last 3 weeks and that hasn't seemed to change any of her habits, even the frequency that she wants to eat during the day); she is on a eat, play, sleep cycle that lasts 2.5-4 hours depending on the time of day (very inconsistent), although sometimes she is hungry before her nap so i feed her then too; she has plagiocephaly.

    Advice please! I'm almost ready to buy a pump and switch to bottles, or if that doesn't work do formula! I dont want to but I'm not sure what else to do.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: baby taking hour+ to eat, still hung

    BTW, in the last 2 weeks she frequently pulls off my breast crying. I offer the breast again and she'll eat for another 20 mins or more. She seems to be eating the entire time too, as opposed to comfort suckling.

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    Default Re: baby taking hour+ to eat, still hung

    She may be going through a growth spurt and it will just last a couple weeks. I'd suggest, if you can, trying to get off the shield as this CAN reduce supply. Don't give up. EPing is way harder than people think. Keep tryin mama You'll pull through!

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    Default Re: baby taking hour+ to eat, still hung

    The more times during the day you nurse, the more milk your body produces. late night/ early morning feeds are important for maintaining an ample supply.Your baby and you might benefit from squeezing in a 9 pm, and/or a 12 am,and/or a 2 am,and/or a 4 am feeding.
    if your lo is consistently taking 40+ minutes per feed that is an indication of suboptimal milk transference.
    do you think her plagiocephaly is impacting her ability to nurse?
    are you using a breast shield to help the nipple protrude in between feedings or are you wearing a nipple shield that is worn over the nipple while feeding? The nipple shield can have a negative impact on the amount of milk the breasts produce by interrupting the stimulation of the nerve endings on the areola.
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    Default Re: baby taking hour+ to eat, still hung

    EPing is not as easy as you might think.

    It is 120 minutes every 24 hours chained to a hospital grade pump. You can't hold your baby, you can't do chores. You pump. It stinks.

    Could this really not be eating? Could this be comfort nursing? I had one baby who went through a phase of very long "nursing" sessions...but he was playing. Grew like a weed, poop was good, but he loved the comfort and an hour was nothing to him.

    You could try weighing her before and after and seeing what she is taking in.

    Could she be teething? That can lead to a strike or change in habits. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html
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    Default Re: baby taking hour+ to eat, still hung

    Honestly, said with love not judgment, sounds like she may be responding for a need of loving attention. It sounds like you've read some very baby un-friendly books. CIO and the eat-play-sleep schedule are not helpful to attachment (or breastfeeding really). So she may be reaching out for some extra bonding time. I can recommend some books LLL suggests , you'll probably love them. Here are a couple: ''unconditional parenting'' by Kohn, ''womanly art of breastfeeding'' by LLL, ''natural parenting'' by Hunt.
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