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Thread: Mastitis/Blocked Duct

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    Hello ladies, I have a question about clogged ducts for a good friend. She has a 10 month old still nursing 6 times a day. She missed a feeding and this lead to mastitis (this is her 8th so she knows quickly what it is) she believes it is being caused by a clogged duct, now when she expesses on one side there is thick green "stuff" coming out. It sounds like there is some sort of infection obviously, but what we are looking for is any kind of treatment that she can try. She doesn't want to have to take antibioticts, so if you have any ideas we would appreciate it! Let me know if you need to know anything else. You ladies are awesome!

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    Express as often as possible, but I'd touch base with a doctor at least.
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    Empty the breast. That's the best treatment aside from antibiotics. But I am that she should talk to the doc, as well. Would it hurt to have a prescription in hand, just in case the mastitis really gets bad? She doesn't need to fill it or start taking it- just to have it.

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    Facebook Page: Holistic Lactation. The women there are certified and incredibly helpful. For natural treatments.
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