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Thread: Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

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    I nursed a ton laying in bed on my side.
    I would prop myself up a little to help baby latch and then lay on my side with my arm under my head. Baby would eat on breast closest to bed. I put a rolled blanket behind baby's back to keep them in position (especially important if they were on the outside of the bed as we don't have bed rails). For my comfort, I put a pillow between my knees and one behind my back (if DH wasn't in bed with me and there was room).
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    Thank you for the replies! Im going to try it if he wakes up tonight....last night I got lucky and he slept from 1am-9am.

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    Haven't read other posts... but here's what we do.

    Option 1 - I lie on my side, head supported by pillow, LO's head just below my armpit with that arm stretched out on bed (NOT under his head). Other arm rests on my hip, baby, or wherever. I have a pillow behind my back, and roll slightly towards my back, which lifts the lower breast upwards for optimal nursing. LO is on his side facing me, or sometimes on his back with his head turned towards me.

    Option 2 -- I start out on my stomach, left arm down at side. Roll up on right side so that my right breast can be offered to LO -- I prop my head up with pillow, and slide my right arm up around the pillow. LO is kind of in armpit again, facing me as before. I'll also bend my right leg and roll my hips upwards.... so this position is really a 45 angle, rather than me facing the bed straight on. Don't know how well I've described that.

    Option 3 - Lying on my back, I put LO in a cradle hold on my stomach. His head is in the crook of one arm -- and that arm has a pillow shoved underneath it to keep things propped up. LO's body is across my stomach, and I'll usually put my other arm between his legs, holding on to the top one. This works really well for squiggly wiggle kicking baby when it's time to nurse in bed. (In other positions, he'll roll away, sit up, etc).

    Option 4 - This isn't for sleeping so much, but I do it sometimes. I am on my back. LO sits at side of me, leans over onto breast and nurses sitting upright. I'll put my arm around him (same side he's sitting on). If he's tired and we nurse like this, he'll rest his head, and eventually I'll transition to one of the other positions I mentioned midway through nursing.
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