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Thread: Doc wants a different feeding schedule..

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    Default Doc wants a different feeding schedule..

    Hello all. I've been trying to look up information about this but have been having issues finding information that is relevant to my situation.

    My son is just over 4 months old. He eats every hour to hour and a half during the day. At night he was eating about every 3-4 hours.

    At our wellness/immunization appointment my doctor told me that I needed to put him on a feeding schedule of every 3 hours during the day and that his night time feeding schedule would also be less frequent.

    Well, I started to try and feed him every 2 hours. He was miserable. I did this for two days. During that time he was crankier and his night time feeding schedule increased to every 2 hours!

    I've started feeding him on demand again, but I don't know if I should do what my doctor tells me or just do what my baby wants. From what I've read typically he should be eating every 3 hours during the day, but that most babies set their own schedule for this. I understand he should be eating less frequently, but when I was feeding him every 2 hours, he was still hungry 1 hour after eating despite eating more at each BF session.

    For reference, my son is growing and gaining weight well, he was in the 98th percentile for height and the 60th percentile for weight. Any advice on this subject will be very welcome

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    Default Re: Doc wants a different feeding schedu

    There is no need to schedule feedings. Feed your baby when he's hungry. Every mom and every baby is different, there is no set schedule that you're supposed to be following.

    Do you like your pediatrician otherwise?
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    Default Re: Doc wants a different feeding schedu

    feed on demand. i dont know where they get this schedule stuff from, probably from moms who give formula?
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    Default Re: Doc wants a different feeding schedu

    Your doctor isn't the one who has to listen to your baby be miserable while on said schedule. Do what you feel is right mama.
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    Default Re: Doc wants a different feeding schedu

    I agree with PP. I will be honest and tell you that I am a schedule person, and I really wanted my man on a schedule. He told me to stick it. LOL. Seriously - if you can and are able, I vote go with baby's needs. Eventually, he'll settle into something predictable - but 4 months is still little.

    I worry sometimes about the doctors. You'd think that in this day, there'd be MORE who are BF-friendly. My ped knows more about formula feeding, but she's super supportive of my efforts in the BF world.

    If you can, keep giving as baby needs.
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    Default Re: Doc wants a different feeding schedu

    You tried a schedule and all you got was a miserable, hungry baby. And if you keep on with it, that's all you're likely to get in the future. Scheduled feedings are the enemy of good milk supply. Milk is produced on a supply = demand basis. If you limit demand, you can quickly end up with inadequate supply. And while some babies spontaneously arrive at an every-3-hours nursing frequency, many others continue to feed every 1-2 hours throughout their first year. It's totally NORMAL for a baby to eat frequently!

    As Paige asked, do you like your doc apart from this particular piece of extremely bad advice? If so, keep on feeding on demand and the next time your doc scolds you about scheduling, you can either a) tell him that he has given you bad advice and you have no intention of following it, and to move on to the next subject please, or b) lie and say "Yes, I think he eats every 3 hours" and be done with it. But if you aren't fond of this doc, break up with him and go find a better one. This may not be the last piece of bad advice you hear from him!

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    Default Re: Doc wants a different feeding schedu

    with the previous posters. Schedules are not for breast fed babies. Heck, I'd say that they aren't for formula fed babies either. A hungry baby is a hungry baby! From his growth, he's doing really well, so why would you "fix" something that isn't broken?

    Smile, nod, ignore and move on.
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    Default Re: Doc wants a different feeding schedu

    schedules are not for anyone.

    If you were hungry, wouldnt you get a snack I dare say your doc would too.

    One of my babies ate every hour He is just fine and skinny as a rail.
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    Default Re: Doc wants a different feeding schedu

    I kept waiting and waiting for my little guy to eat farther apart. He goes 3 hours most days when I am at work, but at home he nurses sometimes an hour apart, sometimes two, rarely three. I just let him eat when he wants. It is more difficult at times, but it seems to be best for him. Doctors do not seem to really know what they are talking about it seems, or at least, no two doctors will tell you the same thing. Do your own research, do what feels right to you. Having a baby is hard work, and I feel like anything I can do to make it more manageable and keep him happy are the right things! In my case, that means feeding him when he wants to nurse, not when I think he should. Anyway, he is 8 months old and still waiting for him to space out his feedings!

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    Default Re: Doc wants a different feeding schedu

    My son ate every 1-2 hours until he was more mobile and more interested in the world. I would say until about 5.5 months or so he ate very often, but now he goes about 3 hours between feedings! It will get there when its meant to!
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