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Thread: Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

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    Default Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

    I have a few questions about co sleeping and nursing in bed. First, this may sound silly, but HOW do you nurse laying down? If I lay on my side I cant figure out which breast to feed the babe from...the lower breast seems too low and the upper breast too high. Where do you put your arms? I would like to try this but am terrified that I will smother my LO if I doze off. My LO was a preemie and I am sad to say that when he came home from the hospital I was convinced he needed to sleep in his own room. Now I have read many of the links here and I am so thankful because I learned how ridiculous it is to think that small infants should sleep banished to their own room and away from mom. My LO now sleeps in a newborn sleeper next to the bed and he sleeps so much better, and I feel better knowing that I am there for him. Nursing was very hard for us in the beginning and I succumbed to the common viscious cycle of worrying about supply, supplementing with formula, diminishing supply, etc. My LO was on about 50/50 BM and formula. I am now proud to say he is almost exclusively nursing and only gets 1 bottle in the evening with his vitamins (is this really necessary?). Any advice would be great!

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    Default Re: Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

    if i am on my left side, i put LO's head in the crook of my left arm and i use my right hand to hold my left breast for LO to latch on. after we are done, her head stays by my breast. If i move my left arm out from under her head, it is above her and under my pillow/head. it can be sometimes uncomfortable (left arm falls asleep) but you do get used to it.

    eta: my right arm in this scenario is either curled around or under LO, lying on my right side or it can be lying out like a t, so i'm lying on my back with my arms spread out in both directions. i don't move alot in my sleep however.
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    Default Re: Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

    My babies use my arm like a pillow, that helps them get to the right level
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    Default Re: Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*winngrin View Post
    Nursing was very hard for us in the beginning and I succumbed to the common viscious cycle of worrying about supply, supplementing with formula, diminishing supply, etc. My LO was on about 50/50 BM and formula. I am now proud to say he is almost exclusively nursing and only gets 1 bottle in the evening with his vitamins (is this really necessary?). Any advice would be great!
    Congrats on this!!! I did the same thing (question supply and supplement) and at about 3 months was able to get DS 100% on breast milk!! You can do it- just trust your body and count babies wet diapers. My DS is now 8.5 months and hasn't had a drop of formula since 3 months. And he is a healthy happy baby! Just wanted to say good job!!

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    Default Re: Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

    I used this tutorial. It even has pics
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    Default Re: Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

    I would prop a body pillow behind me and lean on it, so my shoulders and hips were facing slightly upwards. This would bring my bottom breast up a little bit.
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    Default Re: Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

    I do it this way. Minus the rolled up thing behind baby. I fall asleep all the time nursing. When she is done she just pops off and snuggles with me. I'm a pretty light sleeper anyway and I am very aware of her. http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&s...1t:429,r:8,s:0
    ETA: And no I don't think the bottle with vitamins is necessary. Just give him the vitamins strait from the dropper. That's what I do. Great job on getting him back to EBF!!!

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    Default Re: Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

    I would suggest getting the womanly art of breastfeeding, it helps a lot with these kind of questions, you can also youtube and find a lot of videos on how to side lay.

    I wouldn't overly worry about smothering your baby, I have had two preemies sleep with me and no worries either time.

    Just a quick check list-

    Don't drink before going to bed (alcohol).
    Don't take sleeping medications and co-sleep.
    Don't do drugs or other mind altering such things before co-sleeping.

    If you regularly fall out of bed, don't co-sleep. However, if you don't fall our of bed on a regular basis it's highly unlikely you would roll over on your baby. Do you regularly roll over on your spouse? Almost suffocating him? If not again, then you're highly unlikely to do so with your child.

    Make sure to keep things clear behind your child. A child who can't breath will automatically toss their head back, if there's something behind their head then they can't escape! As long as nothing is back there they can save themselves.

    As for vitamins....it's a completely personal choice.

    However, if you look at it from a logical point of view...children can live and thrive with out vitamins or formula. After all we made it as humans thousands of years before vitamin and formula companies ever came along. There is still many cultures out in the middle of no where, in Africa and South America etc...where they are still alive and well with out the vitamin and formula companies air dropping them supplies. So....are they totally needed? That's up to you. If you feel you want to give them to your child that's fine, if you don't want to...you still have a pretty good chance your baby will be fine. I personally have never given them to my children, I don't see the "need" in it. If they ever had bad blood work (showing some form of malnuorishment or very very low iron, etc then I would rethink my choice.).

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    Default Re: Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

    Sounds like you are doing great. www.askdrsears.com and http://www.attachmentparenting.org should have good info on safety tips for bed sharing.

    I often suggest that moms who are new to sidelying and/or bedsharing practice during the day, when (presumably) they are more awake, or less likely to fall into a deep or long sleep that they find scary, or if someone is there they can have 'check on them" if mom is concerned about overlying. After looking into safe bedsharing, you will likely find that the potential dangers are much more about the fact that western adult beds are not made for infants and so there is a risk of entrapment, (and the steps one can take to minimize such risks) and usually not about dangers of overlying by mother. This is usually only considered a risk if mom is impaired (on drugs, medications, or alcohol) that cause her to be out of it and unaware of baby. But lots of moms have this fear of overlying so until you feel more comfortable, daytime practice is what I suggest.

    To work on sidelying, just keep fiddling with it. Most moms start with the lower breast but it is possible to nurse from the upper breast too with some practice. Until you feel comfortable with that, in order top switch sides you can hug baby into your chest and roll over (from first side, to back, to other side.) If your lower breast is too low, lean back a little to bring it up to baby. You can rest baby's head on your lower arm, or put that arm under your own head. Pillows behind your back may support you better. There was another thread about this a few days ago as well with some tips.

    Some moms also find they can nurse in bed if they are propped up on pillows in a reclined position and baby is on top of them. See laid back positioning aka biological nurturing for more on this.

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    Default Re: Co-sleeping/nursing in bed?

    I really recommend the book ''Sleeping with Your Baby'' by Dr James Mckenna. Notre Dame / Harvard educated. Incredibly short but helpful book.
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