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Thread: Life after weaning

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    Hello all:

    Just wondering if anyone here has been through this, and can offer advice. My daughter, now almost 22 months, nursed from birth and began dropping feeds around 15-16 months. By the end of her 20th month, she made it clear she was no longer interested, and nursed for the last time. Although it's been over a month since she last nursed, I'm still feeling sad.

    Overall I have a great sense of accomplishment for making it 20 months, especially since I had major difficulties nursing my older daughter due to tongue tie. Still, I'm wondering how other moms have coped with the emotional upheaval that comes with weaning and moving on to this new stage.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

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    When my daughter weans I plan to commemerate (spelled that wrong) somehow. I know some women have got tattoos, others had weaning parties where they cried and celebrated their journey, some make a breastfeeding album etc.. Also once weaned your hormones are going to go a bit nuts as they adjust, so it is normal to feel physically down in the dumps. Some herbs and supplements can help with this such as fish oil, vit d, motherwort, nettle, st johns wort.
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    You are not alone! My daughter just weaned in October - a month shy of her 4th birthday. Despite having nursed for nearly 4 years, and being ready to move on from this stage in so many ways, I still feel some sadness. It's by far our biggest milestone, and a bond that can't easily be let go. Lately, DD has even mentioned that she missed nursing, so we've spent some time rocking together and cuddling. Don't feel bad for missing that stage with your LO.

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    i have not yet weaned, we are at 11 months but a few things i am looking forward to are 1) drinking wine when i want 2) 2 cups of coffee a day when i want 3) buying new bras 4) going for a run in the am without having to bf first 5) having sex without squirting my husband (yes, this has happened a few times), 6) going away for one night with hubby (during which i will drink wine and coffee). 7) cuddling my two little babes, smiling and hugging them knowing i gave them the best i could offer and rejoice in their health and all the life they have in front of them.

    great job on 20 months mama!!!!!
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    I also haven't weaned yet but it's helped me to make a list of things to remember the journey and also rewards for me when the time does come to help ease the pain. I want to get a tattoo and also the thought of drinking whatever and whenever i want without moderation is thrilling
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    Thanks so much, all. It's funny about the cuddling because she has always been kind of a squirmy toddler, but lately when she is going to sleep, she likes to have lots of hugs and she's been sort of patting my breasts. I think she remembers nursing. I just have to tell myself that this was just her time to stop. It's hard because this will be my last baby and I still have guilt about not being able to nurse her older sister very much. But I very much enjoy using my new knowledge about breastfeeding to help out other moms just starting out. I will always be an advocate for breastfeeding, and I very much hope my two daughters someday become nursing moms too!

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    I just realized, there is actually a weaning section where I could have posted this. Oh well...I put it here since she was just shy of her 21st month when she weaned. Thanks again to you all, and happy nursing!

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