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Thread: Help! Choking incidents -- why and how?

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    No, you might be. Seriously, I thought for sure Gav would die a few times when I was listening to the cleft people who insisted he MUST only have purees. So I tried them. He inhaled that stuff, npt inhaled like eating, but literally inhaled...It went right down into his lungs. We were lucky that it didn't cause a problem.

    There was a thing about this on the WhiteOut FB page the other day...
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*katmar View Post
    I think my confidence has been totally shaken by this.
    Mama, I actually think you did such a great job! You identified a choking incident properly, and handled it well. You knew how to get the food out, which is something I am about- I never took the infant CPR class and if I had to do the baby heimlich I'd have to run over to the fridge and check out the information sheet that I have stuck up there with a magnet... And then you were aware enough to take the cough seriously!

    I am that purees can cause problems, too. Babies who swallow fast and want large mouthfuls are tricky, right? I know that with my second, I had to tweak my BLS approach because she wanted to cram her mouth full and because she was a good biter but not a terrific chewer. I had to offer her much smaller portions of food than I had given her sister, who knew from the beginning not to overfill her mouth.

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