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Thread: erratic feeding

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    Hi Everyone,

    My little guy is 11 weeks old today (yay!). Yesterday and today, he has been taking naps (just one each day) that are longer than 3 hours. Yesterday it was in the morning and today in the afternoon.

    Should I be waking him up to feed him still? I thought that if your baby is gaining weight well, which he is, then now it's no longer necessary to wake to feed.

    Also, I am not sure what this will do to my supply. Will it make it go down for a day or two or longer since my breasts aren't being drained/used?

    I guess this is just puzzling to me because since birth he has never gone past 2 hours during the day! My breasts aren't feeling terribly full or engorged because of the lack of feeding but I do notice a difference.

    I feel that this is a silly question but as a first time mom, everything makes me question....

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    After 6 weeks, you can let the baby sleep provided he is gaining adequately and producing the right number of wet diapers (poop often slows down to once a week or so after 6 weeks).

    This sort of feeding pattern could make your supply decrease somewhat during those nap intervals. But don't worry: as long as you feed on demand your baby should have no problem boosting it back up if he reverts to nursing every 2 hours.

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