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Thread: Help with Thrush/Nutrition

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    Default Help with Thrush/Nutrition

    Hi, I am mom to 6 children. I nursed them and never had mastitis or thrush. We plan to call the doc tomorrow for both of us. Any suggestions in the meantime would be helpful. I am reading so much info and it is overwhelming. I particularly am worried about what I am eating. I am so busy that I am not eating as well as I did during pregnancy.In fact, I know I am totally stressed out, tired,and not in good health at this point.
    Thanks for any help. Peace.

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    Mastitis....nurse LOTS. If baby won't nurse, pump. Take ibuprofen. Heat and massage to the affected breast.

    Thrush...I find Diflucan for mom and baby is most effective.

    Eating...I know that feeling. I had to exclusively pump for my fourth baby, a cleft baby, and between that and feeding him and crying over how upset the whole situation made me, I hardly ate. I was really run down and still feel that way to some extent. I think the fourth kid and up means mom doesn't get to rest very much.

    If you can, take baby to bed --besides, mastitis can come on when you are doing too much too soon -- and nurse laying down for the next few days. Have someone else look after the older kids (or if they are old enough, let them take care of each other). Pack a few snacks for yourself in a cooler and rest and try to get yourself feeling better.
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    Both my babies have had thrush and the nystatin never worked for us but the diflucan did the first try. As far as eating well I have the same problem. A lot of the time I simply forget to eat. I try to stock up on quick eats like sandwich meat and bread, granola bars, apples, pears, bananas. Often times I will make my own "TV dinners" and put a dinner all made out on a plate, put it in a gallon ziplock and suck out the air and then stack several of these in the freezer so I can just pull one out and microwave it and have good food fast.

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    Default Re: Help with Thrush/Nutrition

    To add to the practical tips can I suggest you call in reinforcements. Get people to come help out so you can relax awhile.
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