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Thread: Safe ways to increase glandular tissue?

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    Default Safe ways to increase glandular tissue?

    I just found out that I am pregnant with my 2nd baby (Hooray! After 7 months of TTC!) -- With my first, I definitely had some supply issues with my breastmilk.. My right breast seemed to do just fine (although the milk was nearly clear -- no fat?), but my left breast produced practically nothing. Now this pregnancy, my right breast is starting to change a bit (veins are more visible, breast seems full, tender, nipple changes), but the left is not doing any of the same things! I would like to have a more successful nursing experience with baby #2!

    I have heard that there are ways to increase the glandular tissue (which may also increase the milk fat as well?? (it took my daughter nearly 3 months to get up to 9 lbs...she would born 8lbs 5oz!)). I've read a little bit about taking alfalfa, but there are so many mixed reviews on whether or not it is safe to take during pregnancy. Does anyone have any personal experience with this? Or have any more information? Or other suggestions of what may help?

    Thank you!

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    I would suggest the book Making More Milk p, as there is a section in there about increasing glandular tissue. Alfalfa is mentioned in there.

    You might want to visit with an IBCLC and see what might have gone wrong last time, see what you can do now, and what to consider for the next child.

    FWIW, I have EPed for the last 12+ months and during this time have learned that my right side, on a good day, make 8 oz in 24 hours. My left makes the vast majority of my babies' milk supply. I have heard of moms who only had one breast. So it is possible to nurse off just one side.

    Clear milk is kind of normal to some extent. My own milk was "thin looking" at the beginning of our journey. It was a concern as well, but I found coconut milk seemed to increase milk fat production, as well as pumping more often. The same effect would be obtained via direct breastfeeding.
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    Default Re: Safe ways to increase glandular tiss

    with the PP. Many, maybe even most, nursing mommies eventually discover that they have one breast which is an overachiever. Sometimes it's just a mild diffrence between sides, other times it's extreme and noticeable. Often the way to cope with lopsidedness is to increase stimulation to the underperforming side, by nursing more on that side or by pumping in addition to nursing if the baby alone isn't doing the job.

    It's unlikely that you somehow make "skim" milk- I'd guess that the reason you saw clear-looking milk is more about when you expressed the milk than about the overall fat percentage. Or it could be that you- like most women who have never lactated before- expected your milk to look sort of like cow's milk...? But human milk doesn't look like cow's milk. It is often thinner, it's not pasteurized or homogenized, it can be colors that a lot of people don't associate with milk (bluish, greenish, or yellowish white, even pink!).

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    Default Re: Safe ways to increase glandular tiss

    Thanks ladies I will definitely have to look into that book!

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    I had similar trouble with my first. My breasts didn't change at all during pregnancy, started 32AA ended that way. When seeing a lactation consultant she recommended Goat's Rue. I took it and I had much more milk about 4 weeks after starting the herb. I got bigger and I could see blue veins on both breasts. I did try other things like Domperidone too but I feel that nothing could have increased the size (full A) except the Goat's Rue. I think I took it for 3 months.

    I was able to almost exclusively breastfeed from 12 weeks on (2 or 3 times he had to have formula at daycare) but I also had to pump with a hospital grade rental after every feeding. I did this to give him enough at daycare and also he needed a 2 oz bottle of expressed milk after a couple of the evening feedings (I was able to slowly wean him off that by 7 months old).

    You CANNOT take goat's rue during pregnancy but you can take it once you deliver. I took the Mother Love last time. I’m a little nervous as I’m due in less than two weeks and I wonder if I can do it all again. This pregnancy my breasts have grown, after weaning they were even smaller than before, but I even out grew a 32A bra in the cups (34A still fits). This growth wasn’t noticeable until sometime in the 2nd trimester. I can see a few blue veins and they feel full too.

    I just bought a bottle of Mother Love’s More Milk Special Blend (it was on sale) and it has goat’s rue in it. I plan to take that once I deliver this time to avoid so many problems I had last time. I’ve also requested to get that book at the library, I’m always interested in anything to help make more milk. Good luck!
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    I took Goat's Rue a couple times when I was "diagnosed" with insufficient glandular tissue. I say diagnosed because I eventually built up a full milk supply via domperidone and LOTS of pumping. And I am part of the itty bitty commitee! I just wanted to let you know that it is possible you have all the glandular tissue you need. I would definitely monitor things closely and have an IBCLC on standby just in case.

    You might find this an interesting and encouraging read: http://www.007b.com/breast_size_breastfeeding.php

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*katia11 View Post
    And I am part of the itty bitty commitee! http://www.007b.com/breast_size_breastfeeding.php
    I'm soooo not in the committee - I'm more of the head of the "Got Too Much Going On" Club - 44FF, however being PCOS I'm mostly fat boobs, not a ton of actual tissue (thanks to a physical exam and scan lol). I was told by my OB/Gyn that Metformin has been shown to help some women with it, it also can help reduce the risk of miscarry due to the hormonal imbalance of PCOS. I didn't take it regularly - I slept too much to remember to take anything.
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