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Thread: Weaning and Fertility

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    I'm hoping to begin trying for baby #2 once my DD reaches 14 months (she's 9 months old now). I've wondered if I will need to wean her completely before my fertility returns. I did start getting my periods again at 7 months postpartum but they have been somewhat irregular (4 wk cycle, 5 week cycle, 3 wk cycle). I know I have some time to decide what to do but I am concerned about weaning her before she is ready. She is very attached to breastfeeding and recently has refused a bottle. I'd rather continue nursing her at least at night (I nurse her down to sleep) but I don't know if that will prevent conception of baby #2. Do you know of any good resources that discuss fertility and breastfeeding? Is there a way for me to determine if my fertility has completely returned before I attempt to wean? I'm hoping that I can continue with the breastfeeding and achieve conception at the same time.

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    If you're getting your period, chances are good that your fertility has returned. You could read the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility" it has lots of good info in there.

    I got pregnant when Lilah was around 18 months old and I had had my period back three or four months at that point.

    I think the women who need to wean to become pregnant generally haven't had their fertility return at all.

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    The problem isn't that you can't combine the two, as you probably can get pregnant while breastfeeding -- I've done it four times -- but that once you are pregnant, your supply has an 80% chance of vanishing. Most moms cannot nurse while pregnant and meet their nursling's nutritional needs at the same time. Hence the recommendation to make sure LO is at least 12 months before TTC. which it sounds like you know

    If you are seeing AF, even erratically, something is happening. You don't have to wean to get pregnant in that case, but erratic can make it more difficult. But it may even out as your LO changes her nursing pattern with some time.
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