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Thread: 2 1/2 Month Old Gulps and Sometimes Chokes

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    Default 2 1/2 Month Old Gulps and Sometimes Chokes

    My 2 1/2 month old gulps down milk from my breast as if she is starving and then sometimes she chokes on the milk. Is there something I can do to make her slow down and not drink so fast? She does get bottle fed during the day when I'm at work and she drinks out of a slow flow nipple and does the same thing. Any suggestions?

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    Do you think you might have overactive letdown? Does milk spray out of your nipples when you get a letdown? Lots of mamas with that have found it's better if they 1) let the initial spray go into a towel, and 2) adopt laid-back positions so that gravity can help slow the flow.
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    My 1-month old does that I assume because of my OALD. Sometimes when she chokes and gulps she then gets too frustrated and worked up to finish nursing. I have to calm her then try again a little later. It can be frustrating. I have found that side-lying nursing can help, when I have the opportunity.
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