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Thread: Not enough milk?

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    Unhappy Not enough milk?

    i am ready to give up. my baby is 3 1/2 weeks. The second visit with dr. He said supplement because she had lost almost 16 ozf from her 8 pounds at birth. I nursed her every 2 hrs, no pumping. After the visit I bf. then pump every 2hrs. Then I give her 2-3 ozformula. Now my mill seems less and I am so upset, I just want to give up!!! Should I listen to the dr or what. My lactation nurse did not agree with the dr, but toldme he is your dr so you will have to listen to him. Maybe my baby does not suckle well or strong enough.....what do I do now??? How can I go back and make it work without hurting my baby?

    I am new to these forums and maybe I am in the wrong group...should be NEWBorns

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    Welcome! Don't give up. If there's a problem, it is almost certainly fixable. Can you tell us a few things that might help us figure out how real the problem is? It would help to know the following:
    - How was your birth? Did you have a prolonged birth, a lot of IV fluids, a lot of blood loss, problems with the placenta, a c-section- anything like that?
    - Is your baby especially sleepy or jaundiced?
    - Has baby always been weighed in the nude on the same scale as last time?
    - What was your baby's diaper output like the the period where you were only nursing? How many wet and poopy diapers were you seeing in a 24-hour period?
    - Aside from the weight issues, how has nursing been going? Are you in any pain at all? Does baby fall asleep quickly at the breast? When baby unlatches, what shape is your nipple? (Symmetrical, like a pencil eraser, or asymmetrical, like a new lipstick?)
    - Can you give us a complete weight history on your baby: birth weight, lowest weight, weight at each checkup?

    Getting yor milk supply sorted should be as simple as providing your body with the right level of stimulation. If the baby is nursing well, allowing her to nurse should do the trick. If she's not nursing well, you need to use the pump to mimc the level of demand she would be giving if she were nursing well. You'd want to use a hospital-grade pump or a very good consumer model (think Medela Pump in Style) and pump after feedings until you can supplement with your milk, no need for formula. Once your supply is up to the point where you can use your own milk to supplement, you can transition back to exclusive nursing.

    Don't freak out! I am sorry you're in a tough place right now, but this is almost surely fixable. Hang in there!

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    Just keep on feeding her and don't use pacifiers. Make baby suck at the breast to help your supply. Drink LOTS of water and make sure you are eating enough. Do skin to skin with your baby in between feedings. Just stay at it and watch your diapers to ensure baby is eating enough. If you give the baby formula, make sure it is after the baby nursed and consider pumping after a nursing session if you think you have low supply.
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