I went to the doctor yesterday and she ran a thyroid, iron and hemoglobin check. It all came back normal, not even on the low side - all aok. She said my hair being thin is due from pregnancy still and normal that it's all new growth along my hairline. She thinks my circadian rhythms are messed up and wants me to try melatonin at night, she also wants me to add in vitamin D since I am indoors a lot. She was a really nice doctor, very supportive and asked me about my mood, how I was handling work and she said as a mother of 3 she also struggled. She didn't once say to stop BFing, although she said I should start working on nightweaning so we both can get better quality sleep. She gave me her email address and told me to update her with how I felt in the coming week and if things weren't improving she had other things we could try.

LO is sleeping pretty good these days, she wakes up 2-3 times BUT she is starting to go back to sleep on her own now. She has bonded with a stuffed bunny and usually once she cuddles it she can fall asleep on her own again. HUGE BREAK THROUGH!!

Now if Mama can just sleep! I was up all night last night and had terrible nightmares.