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    I have a 6 1/2 month LO and lately DH has been talking about when we will TTC the next LO. He thinks we should have them close together while I'm a SAHM.
    My question is I'm EBF still, but my periods have returned and are really regular. If we TTC before DS is a year will we have to supplement?
    I do not want to FF because DS food allergies and I'm just not ready to give it up. I heard somewhere that when you become pregnant your supply dips so supplements are needed?? but then again I've heard of tantum feedings too... Is it always needed or is there ways to keep supply up? Just wondering, I'm not sure I'm ready for another LO yet(or even for a couple years!!), but those were my first thoughts/concerns on TTC while BF when DH brought it up.

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    You are right to be concerned. Most women who become pregnant while they are nursing lose some, most, or even all of their milk supply. And there's nothing they can do to fix that, either: it's hormonally driven. In addition, the breast/nipple tenderness that many women experience during pregnancy can make nursing unpleasant, leading to less nursing. So if you get pregnant when your current baby is less than a year old, there's a very good chance that you will end up supplementing. It's not like you can just transition to solids- until a year, breastmilk or formula should make up most of a baby's diet.

    In your shoes, I'd wait 6 months (at least!) before TTC. That's not a long time, relative to total lifespan!

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    Totally agree with mommal!

    My son is 12 months old and we do want one more baby. I don't want to wait *too* long as I'm 35 but I don't want to shorten my nursing relationship with my son. He has a dairy allergy and relies a lot on breastmilk for nutrition even at 12 months. I think we'll be waiting till he's about 20 months before I get my paragard IUD removed. My hope to to get pregnant by the time he is around 2. That's the best compromise I can think of for us. In your shoes though, I most definitely would avoid pregnancy till your baby is at least one. That way at least you can make sure he's getting enough solid food when your supply drops. The other reason I'm waiting is my son LOVES his milkies and would really be upset if I had a sharp decline in supply or dried up at this point.
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    We waited until my son was 1 year to TTC. My doctor said I should give my body a year to recover.
    (However now that we got 2 for the price of 1 we may be done, or will be waiting at least 2 years before TTC )
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    I'll say this...I forced my cycle to resume by night weaning. Got pregnant again. Lost the pregnancy. I felt terrible for forcing my child to wean before he was ready for a baby who was born too soon. I wish I had waited (and I was in my early 30's...you still have time ) because I took something from him. My suggestion...wait. Your LO will tell you when they are ready to be a big sib A LOT of changes will happen in the next 6 months
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    The WHO organization now suggests that it takes at least two years for a mother's body to recover enough from pregnancy and birth to properly handle another pregnancy. We are not naturally designed to pop out a kid a year, especially if we are breastfeeding, as pregnancy will almost certainly cause a drop in milk supply so our older child will miss out on many of the benefits of breastfeeding if we get pregnant again when the older child still gets so much of their daily nutrition from breastmilk. Some moms do choose to nurse when pregnant and to tandem nurse, (others find nursing when pregnant too uncomfortable) but they still often would very likely need to supplement if the older child is under a year old or otherwise nutritionally reliant on breastmilk. I have tandem nursed myself and know many moms who have, but usually this refers to a mom whose older child is a nursing toddler of at least over a year, more usually over about 18 months.

    There are many reasons moms and dads want to space children close together, so this is of course a very personal decision. But let's take your husbands reason-to have the kids close together now "while you are a SAMN." It seems to me, there would be other possible ways to handle this.

    1) Plan on staying a SAHM for 1-2 years longer than originally planned. Look at your finances, cost of child care, work clothes, lunches and dinner out, transportation, tax increase, etc and see what the real numbers say. Sometimes when families really look at the numbers it is clear that the mom going back to work is not as much as a financial increase as first thought.

    2) Go back to work at whatever time you wanted to, work for a few months, a year, two years, whatever, and then work on baby number 2.

    Also I would suggest you look into the future and think about what you want. Your baby is only 6 months old. He is going to grow alot in the next 6 months, but he will still in many ways be a baby. It can be very hard on mom to have to carry around a heavy baby/toddler when pregnant and to deal with a newborn and a young toddler. It is also often hard on a very young child to welcome a sibling when they are still needing so much of mom themselves. Sometimes we don't have choices in these matters, and sometimes we have very compelling reasons to have babies closer together. Again, it's a very individual choice.
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