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Thread: Expression of milk in adoptive mom

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    Default Expression of milk in adoptive mom

    I've started using breast pump 3 times a day since yesterday. How many days it may take to actually express milk.

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    Welcome! It is very difficult to say how long it may take for you to see milk, because there are so many factors that go into the answer. It would help to know the following:
    - Have you ever been pregnant or nursed a baby?
    - If you have nursed a baby, do you still have some milk left or are you totally dried up?
    - Do you already have a baby, or are you waiting?
    - If you already have a baby, will your baby nurse?
    - If your baby will nurse, how often are you putting him/her to the breast?
    - What sort of pump are you using?
    - Are you doing anything in addition to pumping and/or nursing- are you taking drugs or herbs, or using an Oxytocin nasal spray?

    In general, if you are trying to create a supply, you want to nurse or pump as frequently as humanly possible. 3 times a day is unlikely to be enough to bring in a supply of milk unless you respond unusually well and/or quickly to the pump. I would aim for more sessions, trying to shoot for 8-10 sessions per day. Using a great pump will help a lot. A hospital-grade rental would be the best thing to use.

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    Default Re: Expression of milk in adoptive mom

    i actually cannot answer your question but i hope that someone else here can. i just wanted to say great job mama from one adoptive bf mama to another!

    (i give my son who joined my family via adoption expressed breast milk that i have left over from my bio son, i did bf my adopted son a few times if you want to hear my experience please private message me)

    many congrats on your new bundle of joy!
    mom to ds daniel 12/16/09 and ben 2/27/11

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