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Thread: Need Advice-baby won't eat solids

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    Default Re: Need Advice-baby won't eat solids

    My son is 14 months too, nurses all the time, and I've actually been feeling pretty tired lately myself! Mine is pretty hit or miss with solids; sometimes he eats a lot, sometimes he only takes a couple bites. He eats what the rest of us eat. He has never tolerated baby food (I made my own, but this lasted about a week before my son refused entirely). I find that it helps get him interested in eating if I take a couple bites of the food on his tray. I will also give him food directly off my plate so that he knows that he's getting the good stuff.

    I think sitting down together for meals, giving your baby the same thing you are eating, and letting him do whatever he wants with his food fosters a good attitude toward eating, even if it does take longer for solids to become a significant part of his diet.

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    I agree with everything said here so far, but just want to ask about sensory issues. Our LO was tube fed in the NICU, and though we eventually got nursing very effectively, my reading has suggested that his initial refusals of solids (until about 9 mos) may have been related to these early experiences. I was feeling so worn out, I did the thing everyone here said I shouldnt do (you can read the thread ) and introduced a little rice cereal in milk. He loved it, after outright rejection of the other starter foods. We gradually added other flavors and textures to the milky paste. It took about three weeks before he was comfortable, but then he started eating like a BLS baby, holding everything himself. But I really think he needed a gradual introduction. I'm not saying you have to use cereal like I did, god forbid, but you might try slowly slowly introducing new textures. Even the degree of puree mattered for us at first. Now, at almost a year, he still is primarily bf, but at least he happily explores what we are eating, and sometimes he eats a meal!

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    Default Re: Need Advice-baby won't eat solids

    I have a 18 month old daughter who continues to breastfeed on demand and is currently on a strike from food. So don't feel so lonely about the situation. I am always eating and feel the need to always offer her food and even though she continues to shut me down. She is healthy and happy and that is all I can ask for. I would love to see her eat more but for the past couple of days....it's mainly breast milk but I'm also glad to know from reading the posts that I am not alone. I'm just trying to be patient and let her tell me when she is ready to eat.

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    I am in this boat as well -- mine is nearly 9 months and pretty much hates most solids. She will only explore new foods if she is TOTALLY in control of the experience and even then is not that interested when it makes it past her lips. I am finding it hard to let her feed herself foods that I (and it seems others here too?) consider safe/best/healthiest. IE-- no cheerios, convenience baby 'junk' food that are perfect size for finger food. What other finger foods are there that dont' just end up a smeared mess all over hte place?
    At any rate, it's nice to hear I'm not alone. Also, she is still (seemingly) quite sensitive (via breastmilk) dairy, nuts and soy, so that means food like yogurt are out I would think for a while still.
    Also, like someone mentioned, I am a bit concerned about iron levels. Any experience with exclusively bfed babies and the liklihood of that? I will most likely get her tested soon....
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