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Thread: Do you still ovulate while BF

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    Hello! Long story short, I'm still BF my 19 m.o and I have only had 1 period in the beginning of June. Don't get me wrong, I loved it in the beginning! but now we want to start trying for #2. So can you still ovulate without having a period?

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    Yes, you can still ovulate without getting your period. You can also get your period and not ovulate! Since you've only had 1 postpartum period, I would suggest being patient for a while. It can take a few months before your body gets back into a regular pattern, and your first few postpartum cycles can be longer/heavier/shorter/lighter than your pre-baby average. But you also might want to go and get a pregnancy test, since the most common explanation for absent menses is pregnancy.

    If you're not yet pregnant and you want to know what is going on with your body, I highly recommend getting Toni Weschler's excellent book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and a good thermometer. TCOYF explains how to read your body's fertility signs, like cervical mucus, cervical openness, and basal body temperature (that's what the thermometer is for), and how to use those signs to determine what your body is doing.

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    Okay great thanks! I will get that book! Yes I have taken hpt and a blood test, all negative. I'm going on CD 52 with no signs of AF D;

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    My first PP cycle with my daughter I went 95 days and did not ovulate. I didn't ovulate for a few cycles. You can ovulate before your first period but if you ovulate, you'll either get pregnant or have a period within a few weeks.
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    I've been reading a lot trying to find out info about acupuncture to help with breastfeeding and low supply, I've only found a little info about that but there seems to be a lot of info about using acupuncture to help with fertility even while still breastfeeding so if you are really keen to get pregnant and don't want to get silly with expensive western medical intervention or weaning then acupuncture might be worth a look.

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