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Thread: 4 month old fussy during feeding...help!

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    Exclamation 4 month old fussy during feeding...help!

    My 4 month old has been breastfed since the day we brought him home...we haven't run into any problems (except that he couldn't latch on & I had to use a shield), that is until now. He's been seriously fussy at his later afternoon & evening feedings...and to make matters worse at his 4 month appt his pedi said he had dropped down to the 4th percentile in his weight (he weighed in at 12 lbs 7 oz). She said I needed to come back in a month for a "weight check" appointment & if he hadn't picked back up we were going to have to discuss "other feeding alternatives". I'm really worried that she's going to say he needs to go on formula if his weight drops off the chart or doesn't improve. He's never been a "big" baby but now I'm worried that I'm not producing enough for him. Does anyone have any tips or has anyone else gone through this? I'm not getting a whole lot of support from my husband b/c his mother keeps shoving "formula is better" down his throat & my mom (who is a huge support) lives 3 hours away. Please someone help!!

    His weight has been as follows:
    7lbs 2oz at birth (in Sept.)
    6lbs 11oz 4 days after birth
    7lbs 3oz at 2 weeks
    8lbs 10oz at 1 month
    10lbs 6oz at 2 months
    11lbs 6oz at a "sick visit" on Dec. 12
    12lbs 5oz at follow up visit on Jan. 3
    12lbs 7oz at 4 month appt (on Jan. 19)

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    Default Re: 4 month old fussy during feeding...h

    Ah that is tough mama! Well don't worry you're in the right place! Now I'm not one of the expert mommies around here but I know a bit. First off I think it would help to get a bit more info. How is LO's diaper output? How often/long does he feed during the day? Are you still using the shield? Does he appear satisfied after feeding? If your supply IS low (not super uncommon when exclusively using a shield) then there are things you can do to pick it up. But you need to make sure that is the problem first. Also I know there are some mommies that will reply with info and links on why formula is NOT better. And you can show the facts to your MIL. I am NAK so it's hard to find and post the links ATM. But I will later if I get the chance. Don't worry mama! It will work out. Also many babies at 4 months get like this. It's extremely normal for him to be fussy and impatient with the breast especially in the evenings. Have you tried a nursing necklace or walking around while nursing? Also if you are still using the shield I suggest trying to get off of it if you can. My sister used the shield for the first 2-3 months and it took some work to get her LO off of it but now doesn't use it at all anymore and she says it is a million times easier and so much better for both of them. She may even reply GOod luck!!!

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    Default Re: 4 month old fussy during feeding...h

    Hi, are you still using a breastshield for every nursing session? are you pumping and feeding bottles? Have you been working with a lactation consultant at all?

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    Default Re: 4 month old fussy during feeding...h

    I'm sorry this is happening to you right now. I know how tough it can be when the people around you start to push formula on you bc your baby's on the smaller side. My son ran into a similar situation to yours. They actually have almost the exact same weights for the first couple months. But my son only gained 3oz (!) between 3 and 4 months After this appt, I changed a few things. I cover him while I feed him bc he was soooo distracted (he often pulls at the cover, but I try), I started feeding him more often (at least every 2 hrs, before he even asks), I pump after our morning feed and give that to him later him the day w/ a spoon (usually 1-2 oz, and I give it to him after he's nursed so I'm not skipping a nursing session), and I do dreamfeeds. I always do a dream feed before I go to bed, and occassionaly if I catch him before he wakes from a nap. My son also gets fussy while nursing, I think he gets impatient waiting for another letdown, so doing a feed while hes pretty sleepy helps bc he doesnt get so impatient. We actually just went to the pedi today and he has gained 6 oz in the past 2 weeks (up to 12lbs 11 oz @ 5 1/2 months) and the pedi said his weight gain is "back on track".
    But like pp's said, it's important to first make sure you know your sons getting enough milk. How many dirty diapers? Is he happy between feeds? How's his head and length? Is he reaching his milestones? I found going to a LC very helpful bc she was so reassuring, letting me know I was doing everything I could. Hang in there!
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    I would try adding more healthy fats to your diet to boost the fat in the milk. I'd also offer the breast frequently to make up for how distracted he's getting at the breast. My daughter does the same thing at 4 mo. I'm also one that lets her comfort nurse and stay on extra bc I figure she's getting lots of hind milk that way. She started in the 10th percentile from 0-4 months and has bumped up to the 25th now so I must be doing something right now! Good luck, hang in there.

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    So, ok, I am trying to do the math in my head here... He was 8/10 at around 4 weeks old, and 10/6 at around 8 weeks old, yes? (Trying to convert weeks to months for my chart here...) Then 11/6 on Dec. 12, let's call that, what, 13 weeks old? Give or take a few weeks?

    I'm just looking on the WHO chart and I do see that on the 4 month appointment there, yes his weight is right at the 3rd percentile. HOWEVER - and I am no doctor here - the curve is consistent. It follows the path cleanly, with no dips in weight, no spikes. Is he a lean, active, baby? Were you and the baby's father lean babies as well? Does he have good diaper output, lots of wets and poos? This may just be his curve, mama.

    Now, that said... are his pediatricians even using the right chart for him? Some places are not very breastfeeding-friendly and they don't know about the WHO chart vs. the CDC chart. That's the first thing I would verify. Secondly, are you still using the shield? Do you have access to a good LC? Can you weigh him before and after a feed and see how much he's getting? Is there anything else, any other (seemingly unrelated) symptom you might be experiencing?
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