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Thread: Baby who could feed for hours

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    My almost three month old could be latched for hours if you would let her. It was okay for a little while but now I am in a lot of pain and it is making it very uncomfortable and discouraging to breast feed. She will eat good for about ten minutes then just hang out and suckle. I pull her off and she screams. I don't know what I should do. She is on the petite side so I hate to pull her off too.

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    Can you try wearing your baby so she is still close to you? Maybe just being cradled in a sling against you will keep her calm and happy.
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    Or flip her over and let her get the letdown from the other breast?

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    Take her outside! The ditraction works wonders. And really weather doesn't matter much. Having said that this is normal. It will pass. Try not allowing your mind repeat stuff that makes you frustrated with the situation.
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    Is the pain new? And can you describe it? Is it a stabbing pain, a burning pain, a pinching pain?

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    The pain is newer from her feeding so much its very tender when she is nursing and burns a bit afterwards.

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    Breasts are designed to take an awful lot of nursing without pain, as it is perfectly normal for a baby to nurse extremely frequently or for long sessions. At around this age many babies have a growth spurt and they will start nursing much more often sometimes.

    I would suspect that something has changed with how baby is latching or there is some other cause of the sore nipples. You just might want to rule those possibilities out at least.

    If baby is nursing so long due to hunger you could try breast compressions, some moms find this helps shorten nursing sessions. A couple of the videos here demonstrate breast compression.
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