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    Well the reason i think he may need formula is just in case he looses too much weight or if it gets to the point where he is so hungry before my milk comes in that he wont stop crying or wont nurse. That way his tummy can settle and we can get him to nurse easier.??????? Someone suggested it and it made sense. Do you have another suggestion? Im open to everything. Also im going to have a tubal, so i figured i might as well do the c-section and get that done at the same time. My daughter was 9 lbs, and this one they say will probably be bigger. Im not sure if i would even be able to push on that big out without it going to emergency c-setion...would rather just get it done that way to begin with.

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    Of course it is totally your choice. But, from what I have read V-bacs are much safer then continueing to have c-sections. Also like I said previously, it is possible to nurse after a c-section, but the best circumstances to get nursing off on the right foot is a natural childbirth. You may not have to supplement at all. Also remember the baby doesn't NEED any food for the first 2 days as a general rule. So try to not let them talk you into supplementing if you don't have to. I personally wouldn't of done any if my son hadn't had the super low blood glucose. I would read up on the books before you go in and also the bradly birth books (get some at the library) even if you go ahead with a cosection, they have great knowledge about how the body works that will help a lot. At least they really helped me. I learned so much about how the body works from them. Even though I didn't really do the method, I learned a lot that I could really use.

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    I can totally understand your rationale for having a repeat c-section. If I were going to be done with having kids- and it's hard to get much more done than having a tubal ligation!- I would be a lot more open to the idea of a repeat c-section than if I were planning on having more kids in the future. Just FYI, while having one large baby does raise your chances of having another, a suspected large baby is not considered a contraindication for having a VBAC (see the following 2 articles: http://www.aafp.org/afp/2001/0115/p302.html and http://www.aafp.org/afp/2001/0701/p169.html). Again, I don't mean to be pushy about this. But I'd feel remiss if I didn't put the information out there. If not for you, for someone else.

    Regarding formula supplementation, it's not a road you want to go down unless it is MEDICALLY NECESSARY. Healthy babies generally do just fine on colostrum alone, provided they are given unrestricted access to the breast and provided that mom's milk is not delayed beyond 4-5 days. If you must use formula, giving it via cup or syringe is a good idea. But don't go down that path if you don't have to.

    If you have a fussy baby who is having trouble latching, here are some techniques which may help:
    - Instant reward: express some milk or colostrum onto the surface of the nipple and latch baby on. The taste of milk in his mouth may stimulate him to calm down and suck.
    - Pinky pacifier: if baby is too frantic to latch, offer your pinky finger for him to suck. Hold the nail down toward the tongue, instead of up toward the delicate roof of the mouth. Sucking on the pinky for a few seconds may calm him enough to enable a repeat latch attempt.
    - Offer the breast before baby is really hungry. New babies often get really frantic when they are hungry, and because they are so young and inexperienced, they don't realize that nursing will solve their problems. Often it's best to latch baby on when he's not starving and still somewhat calm.

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