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Thread: milk supply issues.

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    Default milk supply issues.

    hello all.
    first post. i have been creeping on these forums for months researching to prepare for the arrival of our third child. all of my answers so far had been answered without needing to create an account so thank you all so much for your help. because of you i was finally able to successfully breastfeed our baby. first time! and i am loving it.

    our daughter is now 7 weeks old and is happy and healthy and growing and growing.
    she only nurses for 9 minutes tops but my milk flow has been fast and furious so i am not worried that she has been getting enough milk.
    i had major issues with over supply at first and sadly i was pumping and chunking. i could seriously slap myself now because i just didnt realize what i was doing/wasting.
    i just assumed id always be producing extra and could save when i needed.
    and now i NEED it! and i cant make it

    she nurses about every three hours during the day and then 3.5 to 4 hours at night. i guess my body has finally leveled off and figured out how much it needs to make because there is no more full feeling or leaking so i guess that means no more extra to pump?
    i attempted to pump this morning after her feeding and only pumped 1 oz combined from both breasts. i used to be able to pump 4 oz after that feeding.

    the problem is i have to leave her for work on saturday for about 8 hours and only have 7 oz in the freezer for her.

    is there anything i can do to get the supply up again? i will need to be leaving her for work here and there over the next few months and need some extra milk to leave with her.

    feeling like such a fool for throwing that milk away at the beginning.

    if you have read this far thank you so much!

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    Default Re: milk supply issues.

    Welcome, and congratulations on successfully nursing your new little lady. That's an awesome achievement! If you made it through the first 7 weeks, you can make it through this.

    Okay, here's what I am thinking: you have until Saturday to get the milk you need. That's not a huge amount of time but I think it may be enough. I would start pumping after every feeding, give it a couple of days, and then see where you are. If you have enough milk to get through the workday, then cut back and start pumping just a couple of times a day, and build your stash a little at a time. If not, then keep on pumping after all or most feedings and consider getting a better pump. A lot of moms try to get by with cheap pumps- manual pumps, single electric pumps- but end up haing to get something better once they go back to work.

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    Default Re: milk supply issues.

    Mommals plan sound good to me. I would also suggest you troubleshoot your pump, the manufacturer should be able to help with this. Sometimes, pretty frequently actually, the problem is the pump. Parts wear out, motor starts running badly, etc. And it is often not obvious.

    And yes, one ounce per pump session is normal output for a mom who is nursing round the clock. 4 ounces was an unusually high amount to be pumping. Many moms have to pump 2 to 3 times to make enough for one feeding.

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    Default Re: milk supply issues.

    One other thing I could add would be to pump first thing in the morning, typically you have more milk at this time. Pumping after each nursing will help. I would always pump before he nursed, Do that every day and you should have some more milk stashed. Every little bit helps
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    Default Re: milk supply issues.

    thank you so much! ok will start pumping a ton. I have a rented ameda hospital pump so i am good to go in that department. I just worry that if I pump right after a feeding that there won't be enough for her to eat in 2.5 hours.

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    Default Re: milk supply issues.

    You are always producing milk. So while the letdown may be slower the next feeding it will come. You may need to do breast compressions to keep her interested ling enough to wait for next letdown.
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    Default Re: milk supply issues.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*southernmomma View Post
    thank you so much! ok will start pumping a ton. I have a rented ameda hospital pump so i am good to go in that department. I just worry that if I pump right after a feeding that there won't be enough for her to eat in 2.5 hours.
    Keep switch feeding her - change from side to side -- and it will be OK. She will get enough eventually because you are always making milk.
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