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Thread: Weight gain, 10 mo 14lbs 13 oz

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    Unhappy Weight gain, 10 mo 14lbs 13 oz

    Did I totally screw up or what?
    This has been my babies weight gain:
    Date lbs/oz total ounces weeks between
    03/22 4 13
    04/14 5 15o +18 3w2d
    04/21 6 7 +8 1w
    05/05 8 +25 2w
    05/19 8 12 +12 2w
    06/16 9 12 +16 4w
    07/14 11 5 +25 4w
    07/28 11 9 +4 2w
    08/11 12 +7 2w
    08/17 12 6 +6 6d
    09/19 13 6 +16 5w
    11/21 13 11 +5 9w
    12/19 14 4 +9 4w
    01/26 14 13 +9 5w

    On 11/21 she was diagnosed with a uti, which explains the weight gain, or lack there of, at that time. She also started being very active (crawling etc) and was teething two times in november. It also coincides with when her pediatrician started pressuring me to feed her solids. She got constipated pretty badly from it (I'm def. sure that caused the UTI) and now at 10 months, she still loves solids and requires it now as she doesn't seem full from my milk. But her weight gain doesn't seem that great to me either. She still nurses 5-6 times during the day and nurses an hour before solids, she also night nurses since we co-sleep. She also eats solids 3-4 times a day (1/2 - 1 avocado, 1 orange, 2.5-3oz sweet potato with coconut oil or sometimes yogurt, 2.5-3oz spinach with coconut oil, and what ever I cooked for dinner minus the salt - just an example of what she would eat during the day)

    At first, I thought my supply might have tanked, but today, I pumped 2 oz of one breast (in 20 minutes) while she nursed on the other side. So, I think I'm producing an ok amount, considering that about 4-5 months ago I stopped letting down for the pump after not pumping for a while.

    I guess my questions would be:
    1. Is that appropriate weight gain after her UTI in November?
    2. If not, what can I do to increase her weight gain?
    3. Did I screw up completely by starting her on solids so early? And can/should I go back to mainly nursing and cut down on solids with out repercussion of weight gain issues??
    4. Is her current weight even fine???

    Her pediatrician isn't very bf friendly and since she's smaller, he wants me to feed more solids, supplement with formula etc etc and is close to saying she's failure to thrive. I'm stressed out from it and feel like I constantly shoving food or boobs in her mouth. I feel like her weight gain was fine and once he started stressing me to feed her solids at 6 mo (which I did against my better judgement), her weight gain tanked.

    Aside from her being teeny tiny, she is seemingly happy, crawls, stands on her own, sits in her own, and is meeting milestones left and right.

    Thanks for any insights you all could give me.

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    Default Re: Weight gain, 10 mo 14lbs 13 oz

    Anyone?? :-( I pumped this morning during (one boob) and after (both boobs) a nursing session, and didnt even get half an ounce.

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    Default Re: Weight gain, 10 mo 14lbs 13 oz

    Dr, is a idiot. Breast milk has more calories and fat then any solids you could stuff in the baby! That's why the weight gain (well one of the why's!) slowed down, along with being more active, uti, teething, etc etc!

    My DD1 was born at 4 6 and she was only 12 lbs at 12 months her dr didnt think a thing about it!

    I would go to your local LLL meetings and ask around about a different dr. That's how I found the ped I love! Also how I found the OB I love!

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    Default Re: Weight gain, 10 mo 14lbs 13 oz

    Sorry, mama! I am having trouble figuring out your baby's weight history, just due to the way it's posted. Could you do it this way:
    baby's age in weeks : baby's weight in lbs, oz

    So it would look more like this:
    Birth: 5 lbs
    4 weeks : 6 lbs, 5 oz

    Here's a chart for breastfed baby girls: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/growth/chart3.html. At 10 months, your baby is down at the lower end of the chart but she's definitely still on it. It sounds like you have a nice active baby, and those babies do tend to "lean out" pretty rapidly after 6 months.

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    Default Re: Weight gain, 10 mo 14lbs 13 oz

    Hi, I'm no expert, but I just wanted to say that it seems to me, from your description, that she is doing fine. If she is happy and meeting milestones and still gaining, I think the main problem is your doctor, who seems to be undermining your confidence. Have you charted her weight on the Kellymom chart? She started small, so you need to give yourself credit for that: she may be small, but she has still tripled her weight! I think, in your shoes, I would look for a second or third opinion -- perhaps from an IBCLC. Trust yourself!

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