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Thread: Sling/Wrap help!

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    I'm a new mom to a perfect 4 week old little girl,so far we have mastered BF and everything is going amazing in that department! My main problem is I can't get anything done because she is only content when she is with me so I've been reading posts and everyone here speaks highly of slings and wraps. I've realized one would solve many of my problems now I just need some advice on what would be best! I tried a snugli and it was so big and just didn't work. I tried to post of FB and get advice on slings and noone I know has used one and people were telling me to be careful because babies can suffocate in them but I see how many moms praise them here so I'm not worried! I would love to know what kind of a sling or wrap would be recomended for me with a 4 week old I want one that is safe that she can nurse in and I can have my hands free! Any recomendations would be great and stores I could purchase one in. Thanks

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    The kind that suffocated babies are off the market and not like a wrap at all! It was a kind like a purse that had the babies chin tilted down on to their chest. It was a very weird style!

    Any way, I would contact your local LLL meeting and go there there will be lots of mom's who wear their babies. They may even have a baby wearing group in your area where you can try different ones on, and even borrow some for a week or so to see if it's something you woudl like.

    Slings/wraps are very personal, and what one mom will love another will hate. For instance I know a LOT of mom's love ring slings, but personally I have never been able to wear one with out it hurting me.

    For me personally I love mobys, and am about to try a sleepy wrap, the sleep wrap is almost the same but has some spandex in it which I have heard makes it a bit better then the moby. Cause it snaps back into shape better.

    I also like mei ties, and the oh snap by baby hawk.

    If you don't have a baby wearing group in your area. See if you have baby boutiques, we have more then one here where I live and they let you try them on and teach you how ot use them. And also buy buy baby (I don't have one here where I live now, but there was some in NY when Ilived there that's how I know), and they had a lot to choose from and a lot of samples out to try on. The bad part about buy buy baby is the workers don't know how to use the stuff and can't help you much on knowing how to put them on or help you. The baby boutiques and baby wearing groups and also LLL groups can help you more with that hands on help for them. In fact in my LLL group we have a baby wearing group that meets seperately (mainly mom's from out LLL group) and mom's who make and sell slings/wraps too. Most are more then happy to help new mom's learn how to wear them, and pick ones out that work best for them.

    I've also tried ones on just at Target too! lol haha I like the jelly bean at target too, but for me that style does better for a hip carry of a older child, then a baby for me. I like Kangaroo Korner ones the best of that style but they have went out of business, and well jelly bean is still around (by munchkin).

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    Default Re: Sling/Wrap help!

    Another moby fan here, as well. I also did not care much for the ring sling.
    The moby is a little weird at first because it seems complicated, but once you've done it 2 or 3 times, it's no big deal.
    I really recommend going to youtube and googling the various wraps for videos on how to wrap them. Maybe it's just me, but the still pictures never made a lot of sense. I needed to see it in action.

    My son was on a lot of equipment at home, so the Moby wasn't the greatest option for him. I guess if there was one benefit to him having been in the NICU for 3.5 months, it was that he was used to not being held 24/7. But I still spent a LOT of hours in the recliner with him because I couldn't do anything else.

    My daughter wants to be held ALL the time, though. If it weren't for the moby, I'd probably have lost my mind by now. With a 3.5 year old at home, sitting on my butt in the recliner all day just isn't an option. I figure by the time she can talk and reach the counters she'll be able to cook and clean because she watches me do it all day from the moby.
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    Hi! I was in the same situation ie a slave to my sweet 4 weeks baby girl, until I got a ring sling. The woman who sold it to me gave me also a mobi for free, because she said she never could figure it out. I haven't tried it myself yet, as the ring sling works perfectly for me: Easy to use, light to carry, I love it. Thanks to it I can do a lot of things that were impossible since the baby arrived if I was alone home: Brush my teeth, cook, tidy up, ah! And I'm getting so much profecient, I can even BF hands free now! ;-)

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    A woven wrap (didymos size 6 for us) will be the most versatile. You can wear LO on front, back,...and also nurse in it. Works great for newborn through toddler (and older, lol). There is a bit of a learning curve so far as how to wear. We bever had much luck with moby. It was too much fabric, too stretchy, and too hot. We also use a mei tai and soft structured carrier -- the new Boba SSC can be used with new babies without needing an insert.

    Check out the link in my signature for babywearing, there may be a chapter near you. If so, they have a lending library and you can borrow different carriers to try them out!
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    Default Re: Sling/Wrap help!

    I love my ring slings, as I find them very adjustable.

    Many moms love me tais too, which can be used on front, n the back, and you can nurse in them too.

    Wraps are more fabric, but you can use the same woven wrap from birth to toddlerhood, and you can tie the fabric in different ways to facilitate nursing.

    Many moms like the Moby, but the stretch irritates me.
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    Default Re: Sling/Wrap help!

    I received a sleepy wrap from work and I LOVE it.. it is stretchy and comfortable. I also make my own using 6-7 yards of fabric tied the same as a sleepy or moby wrap. Wearyourbaby.com also has videos of how to wrap. You can also use the sleepy and the home made kind to do side and back carry for older children. I loved using my wraps because I actually got things done and was even able to do the dishes while they ate.. hands free
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    Default Re: Sling/Wrap help!

    I can only speak to the moby wrap for newborns, because I never tried the other styles, but I loved it. I would walk around the house with no shirt on and him in just his diaper so we would get some great skin to skin time; the wrap had enough material that we both stayed warm.

    If you are worried about the safety of the wraps, just remember to occasionally put your finger under the baby's chin to ensure it is not touching her chest. Also, in the case of the moby wrap, ensure that the baby is sitting high enough in the wrap so that you can kiss her on the head.
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    Default Re: Sling/Wrap help!

    I have used both the moby and a (cheapo) ring sling. Pros for the moby was the weight was evenly distributed on both of my shoulders, so that was nice for my back. But I did not like how difficult it was to put on and take off and I was always hot all wrapped up in it.

    My ring sling was awesome and a neutral color so my husband used it too! If I have another baby I will splurge and get a nice Maya ring sling.

    But there is not doubt this is all very individual. Go to a LLL meeting, or an API meeting, or call a LLL Leader or AP Leader, to ask if they know where you can try on different wraps and slings. A lady in my area even does a private baby wearing class. If you have a well stocked baby store in your area, go in and try them on there. Many online sellers will let you return a sling you do not like, check their policies when ordering. Remember all slings and wraps have a learning curve, so give it a few days.

    Here is a nice blog about the 2010 recall of the Infantino Slingrider slings and sling safety in general: http://www.undercovermother.net/2010...on-safety.html

    I would also note that despite all the anti-sling hysteria surrounding the Infantino recall, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, after looking at the evidence, did NOT recommend the disuse of slings. Their statement instead encourages parents to be educated on safe baby wearing, which is of course what baby wearing advocates and responsible sling manufacturers have always promoted.

    Every year, babies die or are injured in strollers, high chairs, car seats, etc. due to poor design or parent error. Just two years ago Graco recalled millions of strollers due to baby deaths and injuries. But if you go on facebook asking about strollers, do you get warned about how all strollers are death traps? I doubt it.

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    Default Re: Sling/Wrap help!

    I just wanted to thank everyone for all the great advice. I have ordered a Moby and a friend gave me a ring sling! We used it today for the first time and she fell asleep right away in it and seemed to love it! The best part was that I was able to make dinner and do the dishes while she stayed on me as happy as could be! Thanks again for all the great tips and advice!

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