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Thread: Can't keep up with my high-demand nurser

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    Default Can't keep up with my high-demand nurser

    My daughter is 17 months and loves to nurse. She is my third baby and my last so I would like to nurse her until she's ready to stop, however her demands for nursing are driving me nuts. If I am sitting down it's nearly a guarantee that she will come to me to nurse (I'm homeschooling my oldest so sitting at the computer is frequent). Subsequently I spend a lot of time typing one handed. Also, at night she would prefer to be glued to my breast. I have tried night weaning only to have a few good nights followed by some extremely anxiety ridden (for both of us) nights of screaming and demanding. In the last few weeks she has began her toddler tantrums (screaming, arching her back, throwing herself on the floor, etc) and is implementing her new skills in the middle of the night... all night long.

    During the day I try to re-direct her attention to a toy or a snack, but at night all I can do is cuddle her or ignore her. Neither option is having a positive result. The cuddling leads to her trying to crawl back inside me (I swear that's what it feels like, the child is trying to claw her way back in) while alternating between screaming and begging for the breast, and leaving her in her crib and ignoring her makes her panic.

    I need a change. I do not want to stop nursing, she does not want to stop nursing, but she is not responding to any kind of structure. My boys were so much easier.

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    Default Re: Can't keep up with my high-demand nu

    So sorry you are going through this, it must be hard! I understand what it is like to have a high demand nurser but also have others to take care of. I also home school my oldest as well. One thing that has worked for my son is gently cutting back feeds, I started with the one that was shortest, they are smart and seem to figure out when they can nurse. Although, this is my first time nursing a child over one, so I may be wrong in this... someone else can jump... however for me, cutting back feeds was a good way to still having a breastfeeding relationship without it being too tiresome on either of us.
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    For us, cutting some nursing sessions during the day was easier. The key for me was to not sit down ever unless I was ready to nurse my DS. If I sat, it was going to happen. if I kept busy or took him outside to play, went for a walk, let him help me clean or fold laundry, it was easy to keep him from nursing for awhile. He won't go back to sleep without nursing though and I do not have the heart or energy to worry about that. Now at 2 1/2, he has night weaned himself. he nurse before bed and then in the moring when he wakes up. This happend on its own after his 2nd year molars came in. As tired a s I was sometimes, I'm glad I've let the night time weaning up to him. During the day, I just couldn't hold him for hours on end so now if he wants to nurse I'll say for a little bit and then when I need to get up again I just tell him we have something to do and he is quite happy and content to help me. Good luck!

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