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Thread: BFing vs Comforting?

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    I 'm wondering, what's the difference between the sucking technique when sucking for comfort, as opposed to the way the baby sucks when she's actually eating? My sweet daughter, when she starts a feedig session, it is clear that she is swallowing, but after some time she goes on doing something that feels different. It hurts, and lately she can do it for hours, specially in the evening. If I take her off the breast, she cries, it goes without saying... Is there anything I can do about this comfort sucking so it's less painful?
    Thanks in advance.

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    She could be slipping down and thus sucking on the nipple only, which hurts as the nipple rubs on the hard palate. Relatch baby when this happens.

    How old is baby?
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    When the latch becomes painful, take baby off and relatch.
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    Thanks, I'm doing that now - this is a constant battle!! She cries and cries as if the world was tumbling down, ah!
    And my baby is now one month old :-)

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    Try another position. Try laid back positioning. (aka biological nurturing) If you are nursing in an upright or even sidelying position, gravity may be working against you to pull baby off the nipple. Basically, try anything, there is no one right way to position a baby to nurse.

    "comfort' nursing is normal and good, but painful nursing is not!

    Some babies pull off into a shallow latch or clamp because they are getting too much milk, but they want to keep nursing for comfort but not be getting so much milk. If this sounds possible you might want to look into forceful letdown and what to do about it.

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