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Thread: Fever -- is it normal?

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    Question Fever -- is it normal?

    I just woke up from napping with the baby and I have a fever of 102. I called my doctors answering service and the woman asked me a few questions about bleeding, episiotomy, etc.. and then said that sometimes women run a fever when their milk comes in. (when did the answering service start giving out medical advice???) Anyway... Is that true? I called my sister and she said she isn't sure that it's normal and that I might have a clogged milk duct. Any opinions? Experience with this?
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    How are you feeling otherwise? I saw on kellymom.com that a low grade fever sometimes goes with milk coming in, but I personally wouldn't consider 102 low grade. Maybe you could call and ask if you could speak with your doctor's nurse? If you have a difficult time doing this from the main receptionist, maybe you could talk to whoever schedules appointments and tell them you're still concerned after speaking with the other person. Hope you can get something figured out before the weekend.

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    102 is pretty high, but I remember feeling very feverish the night my milk came in. I woke up engorged and hot and achy, so it's familiar sounding to me... It went away the next day. But I would get it checked out if you can, that's a pretty high temp.

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    I had a fever of 102 around week three PP and felt like I was coming down with the flu. Not much long after, my left breast was sore to the touch, and it turned out I had mastitis. It didn't last long (about 2-3 days), and the doctor prescribed antibiotics and pumping that breast, warm compresses, feeding on that side first to help clear the infection. Mastitis is common, but not fun! Hope you feel better

    Here's a link from Kellymom.com that may help, but as PPs mentioned, call a medical professional for advice:

    Plugged Ducts and Mastitis
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