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Thread: When baby has a cold...

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    Default When baby has a cold...

    My baby (10 months) has her first cold. She's been nursing more often (which is fine with me) but she's cutting back on her solids. She eats two meals a day, maybe 2 or 3 oz per meal, but today she barely got a couple of spoonfuls. Is this common? I know every baby is different... And although she's nursing more often, she's not drinking a whole lot of milk each time (I can tell there's still milk in my breasts).

    So far her diapers have been within the normal range, but I can't help being a worrywart.

    Also... any suggestions of home remedies? I've been doing lots of steam baths.
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    Default Re: When baby has a cold...

    Sure it's common for them to cut back if they don't feel good. I'd just watch diaper output and keep nursing as much as she wants. You can use breastmilk or saline in her nose and then suck it out with those aspirator things. I liked the Nose Frida, which I got from Whole Foods. Sounds gross, but it works well. http://www.fridababy.com/

    My daughter hardly ate any solids until she turned about 15 or 16 months.

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    Hi, we just went through the same thing. I think it's normal. When he seemed too stuffy too nurse comfortably even sitting up, I expressed into a glass for him to drink.

    Btw, our biggest help was a steam humidifier. It was the only way he could sleep at all.

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    Default Re: When baby has a cold...

    Yep. It's normal to have a decreased appetite when ill. And all food before the year point is just for fun and exploration. So there should be no issue with cutting it back or OUT as she should still be getting all of her nutritional needs met by you.

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