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Thread: clogged duct or worse?

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    No actually its not a plug.. Some sort of mass/lump.. Feels.to me like a cyst. Im going for a second.opinion because the doc recommended waiting it out..which makes me eery.. People wait things like this out the die of cancer.. He said i may have to stop bf'ing if i want it removed.. Which is not ok w me.. Idk why they cant just aspirate it..
    It's more likely to be a cyst than cancer, but I think you're very wise to get a second opinion. From what I understand, a galactocele doesn't necessarily need to be removed, but of course you need to be sure that's what it is and not something more serious.

    Please keep us posted!
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    I was told to put cabbage leafs on mine and it would help. sounds weird but it helped my pain.

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