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Thread: Hole in areola! Teeth, ouch!

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    Default Hole in areola! Teeth, ouch!

    My beautiful 8 month old son has worn a hole in my areola just to the side of my nipple. It is indeed a small hole, but one nonetheless. It started when he was cutting one of his top teeth and now, I just can't get it to heal without not nursing on that side. I have tried different positions (he won't have it) and since he will not take milk from any other source, can't pump and give the side a break.

    It's not too bad but when he pulls back when the letdown occurs, I want to jump up and toss him. It's getting to the point where I dread feeding on that side... any suggestions?

    He is HIGHLY distractible at the moment (thanks to my toddler and his age!) so any nursing at this point is needed for his little body.

    Thank you ladies!

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    Default Re: Hole in areola! Teeth, ouch!

    I had the same problem! My 10 month old girl has a row of top teeth and they hurt!! I usually nurse with her across my front. I made a small change and it's waaaay better! Instead of placing her on her side across me (her tummy to my tummy, her head in the crook of my elbow) I put her butt on my opposite thigh, right up on my hip. So if I was nursing on my left breast, her butt would be square on my right thigh, up by my hip bone. That makes her head go back across my arm (not crook of elbow anymore) and tilts her head back just enough to keep the teeth out of the way! I tried sitting her up to nurse and she's not a fan but you might try that. Also try laid-back nursing where you are leaning back on the couch or in bed with pillows behind you reclining you put your son on his belly right below the breast you want to nurse from, have a pillow supporting that arm and he will latch on kind of at the top of your breast but his head should still be tilted back enough to keep the teeth out of the way.

    As far as healing goes, you might want to try lanolin and a nipple shield for a while and see if that helps!!!

    I hope I have helped you though!


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    Default Re: Hole in areola! Teeth, ouch!

    Go back to the basics and work on how to latch so you can try to take th pressure off the ouchy spot.

    Hurts doesn't it. My oldest did that to me when I was pregnant and away on vacation. I wanted to scream, but I was afraid it would scare our host.
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