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    Hi! Hope you guys have some thoughts that might help. My friend is nursing her 2nd baby who is now a month old. He weighed half the amount expected at his recent appointment. She had been concerned because he does not seem content after he nurses and 20 or 30 minutes after he's nursed he is rooting and sucking on his fist again. They weighed him at the lactation office and he seems to be getting a reasonable amount of milk with each feeding. He does not suck very vigorously however and there is concern that her milk supply could drop. She had trouble with her older son as well and had to stop nursing at 3 months. I hate for her to have such a hard time again. She does not eat meat and has cut out dairy because she felt that he was reacting to the lactose. Someone said before that being a vegetarian could have an affect on her milk. I thought that seemed crazy. Anyway, any advise would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

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    Does she nurse him again when he acts hungry in 20-30 minutes? If so, how does that go?

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    Being a vegetarian should not hurt her supply as long as she is eating healthy and getting lots of fluids. So you were right there. There are many healthy babes that have veggie only eating moms. Does she get enough protein from beans and the like?

    Otherwise no advice, but to keep feeding. It is very rare that Moms should have to stop for supply reasons.

    Have her get in touch with a LLL leader or a lactation consultant. They can help her better than anyone. You can find a leader on this site.

    Good luck.

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