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Thread: Not enough milk,am bf and supplimenting

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    Unhappy Not enough milk,am bf and supplimenting

    i am ready to give up. my baby is 3 1/2 weeks. The second visit with dr. He said supplement because she had lost almost 16 ozf from her 8 pounds at birth. I nursed her every 2 hrs, no pumping. After the visit I bf. then pump every 2hrs. Then I give her 2-3 ozformula. Now my mill seems less and I am so upset, I just want to give up!!! Should I listen to the dr or what. My lactation nurse did not agree with the dr, but toldme he is your dr so you will have to listen to him. Maybe my baby does not suckle well or strong enough.....what do I do now??? How can I go back and make it work without hurting my baby?

    I am new to these forums and maybe I am in the wrong group...should be NEWBorns
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    Just because he's your dr doesn't mean you have to listen to him. You can ALWAYS get second opinions, and always change doctors.

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    How is baby's diaper output? # of wets? That is the biggest indicator of whether baby is getting enough milk.

    Pumping is not an indicator of how much milk you produce.
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    with PP. Hiw are baby's wets and poops? What happens if you don't give a bottle of formula?
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    You are right, maybe the baby is not taking in enough, which is different than mom not making enough. Also, were there any weight checks between birth and this last one and what were they? How many different scales are being used? What has babies output been like?

    If LC disagrees with doctor, she must be seeing something the doctor is not. What could that be?

    Did LC do some before and after nursing weight checks? If done correctly these can be helpful in determining how much milk baby is getting per feeding.

    I would suggest you not nurse every two hours. Rather, nurse as much as baby wants, as long as it is at least 12 times in 24 hours. Babies normally cluster feed, so nurse very frequently part of the time and take one or two longer sleep breaks per 24 hour day.

    Why do you want to give up? Because baby is not gaining or because something else is going on? Even if you actually are physically unable to make enough milk for baby (a rare occurance, but it does happen,) the breast milk baby DOES get is still a huge health benefit. It is not an all or nothing proposition.

    good article that you may find helpful: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing.html

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