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    So, I have been on-and-off spotting since my son turned two years old. My period came back 18 months PP and was relatively normal until the month before the spotting started (I had a 46 day cycle then spotted the following month)

    Anyway the spotting will go away for a couple of months then return for a couple of months.

    I've been to two doctors about this (going back next month for my third appointment) Had an U/S and countless vaginal exams- nothing.

    All my doctors say is it is low estrogen (without doing bloodwork) due to breastfeeding and my weight (my BMI is always between 17-18 so low) and tell me to wean.

    I am not going to wean, but I think it is possibly a fair assessment of what is going on. I have some weird perimenopausal symptoms. I think my progesterone is whacky too...

    Has anyone else spotted during extended breastfeeding? And when I mean spotting most of the time it is a couple of days mid-cycle but sometimes out of that range. It is so light it never reaches my underwear, just the toilet paper when I wipe.
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    I spot irregularly too.

    I definitely think it has to do with hormones, weight, and possibly thyroid. I get night sweats/hot flashes like there is NO TOMORROW.
    I was getting the most painful irritated feeling when nursing so I started up the mini pill as an experiment. It really helps with the pain, and the spotting is gone.

    I think it had some to do with nursing between 3-6 am which suppresses your period. I really should have had one by now, I only pump once during the day, but we always nurse during the night.

    My spotting was also affected by how many calories I was taking in. The more I took in in the week before the heavier the spot.
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