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Thread: Swallowing too much air, fussiness, etc.

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    Default Swallowing too much air, fussiness, etc.

    Hi all! I am a new member here and am reaching out for some help. My youngest (13 weeks old) is having some issues. Occasionally (about once a day) while nursing he stops suddenly and starts screaming and I mean screaming. Sometimes when I'm nursing him I can hear these big gulps going down into his tummy, which I think is too much air being swallowed, causing him pain. Sometimes he burps really well and others I feel like I'm patting his back for a long time. He also spits up all day. He's gaining weight, but I just feel he's not as happy as he should be at this age. We started giving him Colic Calm and are hoping it works.

    Also, I work part-time and he is refusing bottles of expressed milk. He fights it really hard, choking, etc. He finally gives in when he's absolutely starving, but he's mad the whole time and is aggravated afterwards.

    Any suggestions, recommendations, etc. I would really appreciate anything at this point. It makes me so sad when he is not happy, I don't know what to do for him.

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    Default Re: Swallowing too much air, fussiness,

    About the bottles, have you considered cup feeding instead? Tried different types of bottles? is he upright when being fed? Im sure they have tried all kinds of positions for feeding him, just trying to troubleshoot. When you notice he is gulping, can you take him off and try to burp him? I was told to lean him side to side and pat his back while burping sometimes to get the air out, not just hold him upright and against my shoulder the whole time.

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    It sounds like it could be Acid Reflux to me or GERD. Have you talked to his Ped about that? What with the spitting up a lot and the appearance of pain it definitely sounds like it could be GERD.

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    Default Re: Swallowing too much air, fussiness,

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