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Thread: Help: Baby's 'gape' not big enough

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    Not all LC's are good, lol. Not saying that's the case with yours, but when my son was born and my milk was not coming in I went to an LC. she spent a whole 10 minutes with us and said my supply would probably never come in and tried to sell me a medela pump in style. I didn't listen and got a hospital grade rental and domperidone. We were ebf within a week. So they aren't always right and certainly not the end all be all of breastfeeding
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    Not all LC's are good, lol.
    This is true, of course. And some LC's (or IBCLC's) are good but are having time limits and constraints put on them by their employers that undermine their effectiveness. Where I live, hospital IBCLC's who work on the maternity wards are notorious for being rushed, for example. They simply have too large a caseload. Plus I always think that having an LC appt only in the hospital is of limited helpfulness, as things can change so dramatically when milk becomes abundant which usually happens after discharge.

    And an LC can be good for one mom and not for another. This is true of any professional, I supose. My first OB came HIGHLY recommended, people were mad to be seen by her, but I had a horrid experience with her. It can be very individual. For that matter, this is true of LLL Leaders as well. At meetings I have a disclaimer I give that if I am not a mom's cup of tea, she should feel welcome to call another Leader or attend other meetings, we all have individual styles etc.

    But one of the nice things about seeing a board certified LC (IBCLC) is that, besides being held to a certain level of education and training, they do have a code of ethics and their certifying organization has a protocol for handling consumer complaints. The organization can be found here: http://iblce.org/

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    I had a horrible time too! I was scared to try bf again because it hurt so bad... But with the encouragement I worked at it... And to tell you the truth, I probably wouldn't have and only pumped if not for advice here. I did get a compounded special nipple cream prescription from my dr. It is a lifesaver! I would look into it! Anyway, I still have some trouble bf. ( he's only 2 weeks now) but just the couple of days of bf with minimal pumping was Soooo much easier already!

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