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Thread: Flat/inverted Nipples And Low Supply

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    Default Flat/inverted Nipples And Low Supply

    How long did it take you to increase your milk supply.

    I blame myself for low milk supply b/c I have to do so much to get DD to latch onto my non existent nipples. So I only pump twice a day. Several weeks ago I made a point to pump every 2-3 hours and still no increase. So I felt I was fighting a losing battle.

    So I'm curious if anyone has had success with low milk supply and very flat and soft nipples.

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    Hi there!
    Do you have anyone local who is able to help you latch your baby on? You can click the link in my signature to find a Leader in your area.

    I'm sorry you're having this problem! I strongly suggest you see someone in person--it's hard to "show" someone how to latch with text

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    Click here to find your local LLL Group
    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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    Default Re: Flat/inverted Nipples And Low Supply

    I second Jens advice. Just to give you some encouragement: I was in a similiar situation. I didn't even get my baby latched on at all until he was 2 weeks old. I was able to do it with the help of a lactation consultant. He's 10 months old now and still nursing!

    Keep pumping in the mean time!

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    Smile Re: Flat/inverted Nipples And Low Supply

    I too agree with the PP. My LO never nursed until 3 weeks of age (after being started on a bottle at 2 weeks of age). Keep pumping and trying. It is hard and stressful but be strong and it will work out with time.
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