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Thread: Evening nursing difficulty

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    Default Evening nursing difficulty

    You guys were a big help with helping me figure out quantities for my baby to have during the day, but we're still having some troubles!

    My little girl is 15 weeks old, and I started back up at work last week. She was doing well, and I wrote to the forum earlier for some advice on how much she should get during the day. I get home at 3:30 and she eats fairly well then and usually one time after (but not as long as her normal breastfeeding sessions on the weekends). But around 7:00 until bedtime, she will scream bloody murder when I try to get her to breastfeed. If she does calm down and eat, she eats for a minute or two and then wants to smile and communicate (I know that's normal for her age). After screaming a little bit ago, I got her to nurse lying down, but she nursed as if she was starving for 5 minutes and then stopped, and is now happy to lie on the bed and chat and smile. Any idea what, if anything, I can do to improve this? At what point do I need to worry she's not eating enough? She gets about 12 oz a day while I'm away from work (she eats about 4 times in 8 hours while I'm gone). I don't think it's too much, and my caregiver's good with monitoring her intake.

    She used to go to bed between 8-8:30, but now that she won't nurse, it's hard to get her to go to bed because A) she won't fall asleep immediately after nursing, and B) I'm worried she's hungry so keep giving her some more time to eat.

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    Default Re: Evening nursing difficulty

    To me, this merely sounds like its related to the change in schedule, and I'd suggest not worrying about it. She will let you know if she is hungry Visit with her, reconnect, and then she might be more interested in nursing and then sleeping.
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    Default Re: Evening nursing difficulty

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    Default Re: Evening nursing difficulty

    When you say you keep giving her more to eat do you mean you give her a bottle at bedtime? That may be the issue. I also give my girls a bottle at bedtime, after nursing, and usually DD1 doesn't want to nurse because she knows the bottle is coming and will nurse, pop off, fuss, nurse, pop off, fuss until I give her the bottle. I would encourage you to cut out that bottle if that is the case.
    Also, around this age babies tend to get distracted. If you are feeding her in a noisy room, tv is on, she may want to see what is happening rather than nurse. You may want to try to nurse in a quiet, dark room. Or try a different position.
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