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Thread: Challenging One....stumped the nurse

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    Question Challenging One....stumped the nurse

    Hi Everyone, this is my first time posting so I hope you all can help!

    My daughter is almost 6 months old and has not started rice ceral yet. She typically nurses 3x per day and has 3 bottles (15oz total) per day. On average 6 diapers.

    On Tuesday of this week, I had the dreaded stomach bug. I nursed DD on Tuesday and pumped while she was at daycare. I even wore a mask to reduce sharing my germs.

    Wednesday morning she nurses fine and about three hours later she throws up projectile (in hubby's car). I had to borrow a car seat from family so I could pick her up at the end of the day. She was all smiles and everything at daycare just happy go lucky no issues with bottles of expressed breast milk. Wednesday evening I nurse and three hours later she throws up. Wednesday night nursed and went to sleep and had no issues.

    Today I nursed her and almost immediately after eating she projectiled on me. She was normal as can be afterwards. She is at daycare and has been eating breast milk from bottles all day. Now all the expressed milk is from Tuesday or before.

    Called dr office because I wanted to make sure there was not something else going on. I have never heard of this type of issue and neither had the nurse.

    I have not been able to eat much more then a bagel until this afternoon for lunch. At lunch I could eat boiled chicken, rice, and scrabbled egg with no seasoning other then chicken broth. When I could not keep food in I was drinking water and gatorade to get some calories.

    The nurses recommendation is to bottle feed her from the freezer stash and dump anything that has been expressed since Tuesday (which means the antibodies to fight the stomach ick would be gone ). Until I am able to eat normally or "a couple of days". Fortunately, I am an over producer so I have supply on hand but I hate when people say "pump and dump".

    Any thoughts on why she can eat bottles of expressed milk but not directly from me? Feeding tonight should be interesting since she does not take bottles from my hubby or I very well.

    Thank you in advance I am really stumped....

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    Default Re: Challenging One....stumped the nurse

    I would NOT feed her bottles at home, I would nurse. I also would not throw any milk out. I'm wondering if she's gulping in more air or something for some reason during those nursing sessions.

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    Personally, I would suspect that she has the stomach bug and coincidentally seems to barf when she nurses rather than after a bottle. I probably wouldn't worry about it, wouldn't pump, wouldn't pump and dump for sure, but would keep an eye on her for other symptoms. I don't think you have enough information to really show that breastfeeding is causing the vomiting at this point, especially knowing that there's a bug moving through right now. Joe has had several bugs where he seemed fine but then suddenly vomited at random times. I'm thinking "correlation may not be causation" here.

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    Default Re: Challenging One....stumped the nurse

    Is it definitely a bug and not food poisoning? If it's true projectile vomiting, in rare instances bacteria can cross into the breastmilk (but usually mom would be seriously ill and likely hospitalized). Otherwise maybe just a coincidence? Or your body adjusting milk supply and flow after being sick and shifting nursing habits a bit?

    Sorry, no answers just ideas and

    If it were me, I'd keep nursing unless she seems agitated at the breast and clearly is refusing the breast for a strike. Otherwise, just like you would do for yourself, let her eat if she's willing to eat (breast if you're up to it) and it'll pass.

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    Default Re: Challenging One....stumped the nurse

    I agree with pps. Don't dump, don't do bottles at home. My dd (A1) did this once too. I think what was going on is that she was actually taking in more while nursing and what with just a bit of upset tummy it made her throw up after nursings and not after the bottle. Because if we did a bit more in the bottle the same thing would happen. So just keep nursing and maybe stop her when she starts really slowing down or just comfort nursing. And try not to squish her tummy after like for burping don't sit her up and forward. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Challenging One....stumped the nurse

    I just had the stomach bad BAD on Sunday and Monday. My husband, too. I nursed my son (9 months) throughout and he has been fine. He has had a couple really stinky diarrhea diapers, but other than that, no puking. If I were you I would NOT through out the milk you have been pumping during. You are right it has the antibodies in it.

    I agree with the PP who suggested that maybe she is just getting more at the breast and puking because of that. Maybe it could be positioning?
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    Default Re: Challenging One....stumped the nurse

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    i did not get to read through the other posts so i apologize if this is repeated.

    there was a stomach bug going around our dc. my lo projectiled twice until his stomach was empty, passed out for that night and was fine after that. then a dew days later he seemed really sick, had really bad poops. i had started vomiting a few days and was really sick for a week with it. i was ok for a day or two then i would vomit. i think some viruses really disrupt your system. there is no need to stop nursing. its probably just random that she vomited after nursing and not the bottle. that is just ridiculous to pump and throw any milk out.

    i am confused at the nurses advice, doesnt make any sense.

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    Default Re: Challenging One....stumped the nurse

    You did stump the nurse, didn't you! Unfortunately, instead of saying "I don't know" she made up a whole pump and dump fantasy. Don't stop nursing. I am sure the puking after nursing is a coincidence, and might just have to do with the fact that when kids (and people in general) are sick, it tends to intensify in the evening. Both my kids had a nasty tummy bug this winter, and both of them hurled at night but then seemed fine all day long.

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    To me it sounds like she is over eating at the breast. Usually when they spit up a lot after eating its either due to air or eating to much. Try burping after every 5 minutes this will ensure she gets all the air out and help slow down her feeding. She might be over eating because she doesnt feel well and wants to comfort nurse but then gets to much milk. You could also try block nursing where you just feed on one side per feeding.
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