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Thread: 1 Yr check up. Need advice

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    We drew blood between 9-12 months as standard procedure (may be state required), so I wouldn't hesitate to do the blood draw.
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    This issue has come up a lot at our local chapter meetings! One of our leaders asked Dr. Andrew Dyer, D.O., who practices wellness (instead of symptom-based "medical" care). Here's what he said:

    "Since we seem to get the iron question a lot and I was asking specifically for L., I asked Dr. Dyer today what he would recommend for low iron levels in babies. I told him that L. has recently been told that her baby has low iron (9.7 specifically) and the ped is pushing for iron drops. He said that number is not iron, it's hemoglobin, and that's only a marker for iron not a true number. Iron levels are only measured in whole numbers not decimals so he immediately knew it was hemoglobin not the true iron number. Ex., you have to have hemoglobin level of 10.5 in order to donate blood so it's assumed that anything lower than that means you are iron defficient. In short, if the hemoglobin is below 10.5 the automatic recommendation is supplementing with iron which may or may not be needed. In any case, in L.'s situation he said that she could supplement herself (since she is still breastfeeding) with 18 mg of iron (which shouldn't interfere with bowel function causing constipation at that amount) and give her baby one sublingual B12 and one folic acid tab per day dissolved in water. Of course, to get the most accurate answer nutritional testing would be recommmended. Just thought this was interesting and should pass it on."

    And as an added point, iron supplementation should always be done w/ plant-based iron, as it is more easily absorbed.

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    thanks everyone.

    we are now cooking in a cast iron pot which i am loving

    due to my husbands worrying we went and got a blood test. To my pleased surprise it was only going to be a finger prick which i was so relieved about. so the results came in at 11.2 and the doc said it was fine.

    I also made her say that she was ok with me only giving my daughter iron rich foods and not that iron supplement. (NOT THAT I GIVE A CRAP WHAT SHE SAYS, but my husband does. so that worked out)

    so thanks again everyone who read and answered, i am grateful as always for all the SUPPORT that i get from this board. THANK YOU

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*las.mama View Post

    And as an added point, iron supplementation should always be done w/ plant-based iron, as it is more easily absorbed.
    Actually, the opposite is true! Plants contain "non-heme" iron and this type is harder to absorb by the body. Meat contains "heme" and "non-heme" types both but the "heme" is far easier for humans to absorb

    Taking vitamin C at the same time as your iron helps the "nonheme' absorb better!

    Eating red and dark meat helps a lot with iron, as does cooking in iron cookware. Even better if what you are cooking in your cookware is acidic!
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