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Thread: Nighttime issues and TTC

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    Hi everybody.
    I hope I can post here even if I don' live in the States. I'm Italian so please forgive my mistakes. My DD is 14 months and if she could choose she would still live just on my milk... Now she's enjoying tiny amounts of solids but until just a couple of months ago she would refuse almost everything. I nurse her to sleep at nighttime and that's the only way she falls asleep, then she used to wake up every couple hours and nurse to sleep. We cosleep (she's in her cot next to us and after she wakes up sleeps on our bed most of the time). It's never been a problem for me to wake up and I used to love having her with us. But lately her sleep is very disturbed, she nurses forever in the middle of the night without being able to fall asleep and she cries nervously, I try stroking, singing, patting and nursing (sometimes all together!) still takes ages, keeps rolling over and change position, which makes cosleeping more difficult. And this wouldn't even be such a big deal but we would love to have another baby soon and I still haven't got my period, so I know I should really cut down some nighttime nursing. I don't know how to do it because she's obviously not ready. If I just try not to nurse her when she wakes up, or to nurse just a few minutes and then cuddle her and stroke her, she screams like hell, kicks me, gets totally hysterical. Apart from this she's an adorable, healthy little girl. I don't think I can cope with all the crying involved with night weaning, neither can DH. It's not the sleep that I miss, really, but some nights I do get terribly frustrated and think it might take years for me to get pregnant... Sorry, maybe I just needed to vent and I know you would understand, I don't really know many mums of nursing toddlers.

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    Hi!! My advice to you would be to try to wait a few more months. The "average" mother who breastfeeds on demand gets her period back at 15 months even continuing to night nurse. And sure enough, mine came back at 15.5 months despite my son nursing ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Yours may take longer, and there are a few women (relatively few, I'd say, just based on anecdotal evidence from these forums) who do have to cut back on night nursing to get their cycles back. But for most women it will come back on its own sometime in the child's second year.

    Trying to night-wean your daughter would not be fun. I relate because my child was the same. No one would have slept at all if I had turned him down at night.

    I would just say, try to be patient for another couple of months. If, at that point (18-24) months, your cycles have not returned (and you're feeling like you need to TTC due to your age, or other pressing reasons), I would start trying to gently night wean. Not necessarily for the whole night, but at least cutting down on night feedings. Here's a gentle method that has worked for many moms on this forum. In my own experience, 12-15 months was a really clingy time for my baby, when he was feeling a lot of separation anxiety. By 18-20 months, he was more independent, and also, understood more concepts. So it became easier to explain to him, "No milkies now. Milkies go night-night." and snuggle him back to sleep.
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    I believe that a LO will "tell" you when they are ready to be a big sibling. And I regret now night weaning my oldest in order to TTC. I should have waited.

    My third child was nursing quite a lot when I got pregnant with my fourth. I had stopped nursing at night to get pregnant with the third...on his terms.
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    Could she be teething? Does she have her first baby molars? I agree, give her a little more time.

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    Default Re: Nighttime issues and TTC

    oh, excellent info, joe.s.mom, thank you! i've been wondering about when the average period returns even if still nursing on demand and was relieved to your post. excellent news, thanks.
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