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    I try not to compare my lo to others but he is 7months old today....he doesn't crawl. Should I be concerned? I feel as if he gets plenty of tummy time (as much as he allows).

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    Absolutely not! He is totally normal. Babies can wait a while to crawl. Some are way early. Some wait longer. My niece was over 1 before she started!!

    It's ok. Keep giving him that tummy time when he'll do it, and he'll do it when he's ready.
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    My DS didn't crawl with his tummy off of the floor until around 8.5 months, but he meets all of his milestones and is developing typically. I think you will find that crawling ages are highly variable. Don't sweat the small stuff, mama, he will be crawling before you know it!

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    Joe was more than 8 months as well, but then walked right at a year. I think anytime before a year is in the range of normal/common, and some (perfectly normal) kids do wait until after a year. Seven months is still early, IMO.

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    my baby only started to crawl at 9 months. and in the beginning she was only dragging herself with tummy on floor. now she's just turned 10 months and just started lifting her tummy when she crawls.

    i also heard that some babies skip crawling altogether and go directly to walking.

    every baby is different... my baby only rolled over at 7 months! as long as my dr wasn't worried, i wasn't either.
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    Not to worry
    My girls are almost 9 months and not crawling. one is rocking on all fours and will push herself around backwards and roll so she gets where she wants, but not in 'normal crawling' way. one has no interest in crawling and I am not concerned. My son never really master crawling and started cruising around 10 months, walking at 13 months and never looked back.
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