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Thread: Factors affecting breastmilk quality?

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    Coconut milk worked for me, too. Even coconut water helps because it hydrates more efficiently than water. There are posts about lemon lime gatorade, too. Not sure why it would work, but it's always fun to test new things and see if anything helps - even if it may be placebo! Hang in there. Silly husband.

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    Thank you, everyone, for all the reassuring and helpful info.

    Our daughter's growth is just about average in height, around 30% for head circumference, but in the last 3 months she's dropped off the chart (<3%) for weight, which I think is what's gotten both our pediatrician and my husband concerned. She started out in the 8% for weight, went up to 20% and then steadily dropped back down to 8, stayed there for a couple of months, and now sits below the curve. So, she hasn't really been following the growth curve (not sure which curve the doctor uses), but as far as we can tell, she's been meeting all the developmental milestones, and she seems happy, healthy, and content. I'm not really worried until we go to the pediatrician or I see other babies her age (or half her age).

    As for allergies, I really have no idea. She hasn't really taken an interest in solid foods at all, and she hasn't had cow's milk yet. There was an issue with the cord during pregnancy (a velamentous cord insertion), so she was only receiving a percentage of the nutrients from the placenta. This explains her low birth weight. I've been told she would catch up, but that doesn't appear to be the case. And I can't help believing that that issue might be playing a role here. Perhaps by receiving less nutrients during the third trimester (when the baby needs 100% of the nutrients from the placenta for growth), her body became conditioned to seek less food? I just don't know.

    lllmeg -- I enjoyed the article. Thank you! I've often wondered whether not getting enough rest might be a factor here. Maybe I'll use it as an excuse for more sleep.

    And, kjohanna, please don't worry. I happen to be very open to suggestions on how to improve my diet and possibly my milk. And I find the idea of dealing with bottles just too overwhelmingly complicated to even consider switching.

    Thank you again to all of you!
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