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Thread: baby refuses cup

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    Default baby refuses cup

    my son is almost 11 months and takes a bottle of expressed milk when i am at work. i try to give him water or diluted juice in a sippy cup and he has been refusing since i initiated which was months ago. i've tried many different types but have stayed away from the ones you need to bite down on the release the fluid.

    i can get him to drink if i put a straw in his mouth and release the liquid into his mouth or he will sometimes drink from an open cup. i want him to drink from a sippy independently b/c i want to cut out bottles (he refuses to hold his own bottle too) in about a month and give him cows milk while i am at work b/c want to pump wean...

    anybody have suggestions on cups that worked for you? brands,types, etc?


    i more month till pump weaning, yeahhhhh!
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    Default Re: baby refuses cup

    My older daughter couldn't figure sippy cups out. She liked the straw cups, we have the playtex kind. The other thing is that our babysitter doesn't use sippies or straw cups. Once the kids are off the bottle they use an open cup. So Trixie is a tiny bit over 12 months right now, she's been off bottles for two weeks and drinking mommy milk from my freezer stash in an open top cup that M holds while she drinks.

    ETA: Trixie wouldn't hold her bottle either. Cute.

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    Default Re: baby refuses cup

    Some babes just don't like sippy cups. If teething they can even hurt. My daughter prefers straw cups, she learned to straw suck pretty quickly or open cups. If there is an open cup you can get one with a small hole. Or REI has a camelback sippy type cup but its different than a sippy, expensive but awesome. Here is an example: http://www.amazon.com/Camelbak-Kids-...626&sr=8-1
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