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Thread: Ready to give my 4 month old a bottle

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    Unhappy Ready to give my 4 month old a bottle

    We are really struggling with nursing. Every feeding is so hard on him. My milk comes out so fast and he gulps as long as he can before he chokes. It's gotten to where he doesn't want to nurse because u'm sure he's tired of drowning in milk. I've tried different positions like the new "down under" Australian position, but nothing is helping. I am wondering if I should just pump and give him a bottle? I love nursing so much, but it's starting to stress us both out. Is there any hope, or should I just pump? Thanks for listening.

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    Have you done block feeding? It takes time, but it really works.

    Pumping to give bottles STINKS. I've done it for a year, and it is very much a short term gain, long term loss situation. it seems easy now, but seriously, it is much more difficult when you have a baby who is into everything, needs you to pick him up, you are places to go...and you need to pump. It's much harder to pump in public than it is to nurse in public, especially once you have a mobile baby.

    If you are giving bottles, stop. That is not helping your body stop overproducing, and you are setting your LO up for flow preference, which doesn't help him learn to deal with the fast flow.
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    There are many good reasons to nurse at the breast beyond the good things about breastmilk. Also there is no guarrantee you will be able to maintain an appropriate supply if you ep. Even moms who start with oversupply often end up really struggling with supply when eping.

    Really bad oald is awful, there is no doubt about it. But it's a breastfeeding problem that is almost always is solvable. As pp suggests there is MUCH more you can do about it than changing nursing position. http://kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html and http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...ggrimacing.pdf

    I find moms make two mistakes when trying to fix OALD. 1, they pump too much, making the issue worse. If you can avoid pumping altogether for now that would be great. 2) they nurse less often or scedule feedings. This is NOT helpful for OALD! Even when block nursing, you want to feed with good frequency.

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    I had OALD at the beginning and my little guy struggled with it. It choked him most times he ate. I block fed for 5 months straight, and I also tried to nurse him in a reclining position with him on top of me (on the couch for example). My supply and his ability to handle the let down improved completely in the 5th month, so if it happens with you like it did with me you;re almost there!!
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    Oh my goodness no! You can quite easily remedy this situation! I have the exact same thing. I did block feeding and it has been soooooooo much easier since My dd is almost 5 months now and I did the block feeding when she was about 4 months. It took about a week before my supply was more regulated to her. Also if you are pumping, stop. Because that will just boost your supply even more. Here is how to block feed. http://kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html

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    In addition to what the ladies have suggested my heart-to-heart recommendation to you is to seek out support. Go to a LLL meeting, it can make all the difference.
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