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Thread: OALD and OS issues

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    I have been experiencing issues with my DD (2nd baby and she is 8wks old) including greenish poops, sudden outbursts of painful crying, gas, never really settles down arms and legs are pretty much always moving and kicking, eats very frequently sometimes every hour in the morning or evening, projectile vomiting I believe due to OALD, HATES her car seat, and I could go on and on!

    I never knew about OALD, OS, and also just read about the possibly of an imbalance of Foremilk and hindmilk all of which I believe I am experiencing. I have over 100 bags of frozen milk in my freezer so that shows how much I'm producing.... So I have spoken with a rep my area and they suggested block feeding which I have been doing since Monday but wanted to know how quickly would I possibly see a change In my daughter and if I will be able to nurse regularly again once we get our rhythm in sync?

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated!


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    How has your baby's weight gain and diaper output been? (# of wet and poopy diapers/24 hour period) What you describe certainly sounds like OS/OALD but I'd want to know about weight and diapers before definitively agreeing. Block feeding is designed to reduce supply, so before you block feed you want to be 100% sure that you are experiencing oversupply.

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    At birth she weighed 9lbs 10 oz and at her 6 wk appt she weighed 12 lbs 15oz so her gain is good. As for wet diapers I am really not sure but she is wetting a lot and having a bowel movement every other day or two days would say befor I started the block feeding..she had a bowel movement this past Sunday, none on Monday, Tuesday night she had one, and then again this morning hoping she becomes more regular.

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